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Hello? Hello? Hello? Is There Anybody Out There?

Nothing like a little Pink Floyd, eh? But, seriously - is there anyone out there? Many thanks if you are. I wish I had a magnificent reason for dropping off the face of - um - Facebook, Twitter, etc. Like being whisked away on a first-class vacation of Western Europe where I sampled the most exquisite cuisine and divine wines. Or perhaps meandered through the Orient and really expanded my horizons and embraced a completely foreign culture. Alas, I hopped the magic carpet of depression that swooped to my feet via the least favorite of my seasons being particularly awful and a tsunami of unexpected financial problems. While misery loves company, I'm a follower of the philosophy "say nothing if you have nothing nice to say". Because who likes a downer? Nobody, that's who! So until I could find my normal state of: I felt silence was the better option. I was particularly dismayed that we weren't able to jo