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Have you ever noticed that when you have a splinter in your mind causing you some concern that it taint's your life's outlook? I'm currently experiencing this phenomenon. An issue has cropped that will resolve itself, but until it does I'm perpetually worried and my rosy outlook is now a darker red... This became especially apparent to me yesterday. While listening to one of the NPR broadcasters recite the headlines, one was regarding the record-breaking tens-and-hundreds-of-millions of dollars that have been donated to both presidential campaigns. Normally that would fade into the white noise of the moment, but I recalled a comment Mom made during my parents' wonderful visit, and I'm paraphrasing here: "The amount of money being donated to the presidential campaigns really angers me." I agreed with her on principal, but was actually ambivalent at the time. When that sound bite was read yesterday, disgust, contempt and rage shot through me simultaneo

Book Review: Leaving Town by Lester Thees

Last week was blessedly, wonderfully chaotic! I wish to regale you with some juicy tidbits - and I will. But now that life has mellowed I finally finished my latest book review. Lester read my review of The Long Drunk and was kind enough to send me a free copy of his book. I love all the options technology has brought to authors! When I started Leaving Town I was on the fence. As I read I knew a turning point would arrive - it would get really good or go into the crapper. It got really good. Whew! The thought of having to write a less than stellar review when I was given the gift of a free read plopped a lead ball of dread in my gut. The one caveat I have is technical. There are several grammatical flaws. I don't know the ins-and-outs of e-publishing, if there are editors who go over manuscripts, but a different set of trained eyes could have polished this little gem up to a high shine. Moving on.... Leaving Town  revolves around a couple of hapless, luckless guys tryi