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My Fav Place, Girls & Season, Plus Labor Pains: My Review

Remember how I mused about not knowing you need something until it's thrust upon you?  Probably not, so follow the link if you'd like a refresher… Well my trip to Salem last weekend did not fall into that category - October is the greatest month to visit my favorite place on earth! Since I had to take two days off last week and haven't been made officially full time (no paid time off) going to visit on Halloween (this Thursday) wasn't going to happen. So last weekend was the next best time for this excursion.  The best thing about being from the area is knowing my way around (and not having to pay for a place to stay!) Both Maria and Kim told me go into Salem via Beverly, which is a few exits past Salem on 128. The traffic to get into Salem (which is several miles from the exit) was backed down the highway. I sailed on passed, mentally cajoling all the tourists not-in-the-know "So long suckers!".  The 24 hours passed, as they always do, way t

Has it Been A Month?!

My favorite time of the year! I can scarcely believe it's been a full lunar cycle since my magnanimous fall! A couple of those weeks were the equivalent of a roller coaster rocketing downward, and if not for the support of some (you know who you are) I might have lost my footing. But life's ride appears to be on the ascent - for now. My knee is pretty much completely healed. I still have the remnants of three steri strips stuck to a small scab, which I keep covered with a band-aid most of the time. I was told by Mummy AND the NP who removed the stitches and applied the steri-strips NOT to remove them. The NP said I could trim the edges that come loose. One thing at which I've always excelled is doing exactly as I'm instructed (which is probably why it took me until high school to realize that I didn't HAVE to keep getting my hair permed, as Mummy insisted). I'm back in full-workout swing now! Today begins the 48-hour weigh-in window for the Jillian Mic


So Kim had a marvelous idea - let's go to the theater and see Wicked before it leaves Boston on the 15th. She even bought my ticket. I've never been to the theater and haven't been out in Boston in years so needless to say, I was thrilled. Also, as scant few weeks ago, the local arts reporter was crowing about how glad he was Wicked  had returned for another run in Boston, that it was just as fabulous this time 'round! We went to the Thursday night show. It was a coincidence that an audit was scheduled for work that day, so I wore my favorite (and pretty much everyone else's favorite) dress to work and my Manolo patent-leather-and-linen Mary Jane's. I keep a cheapy pair of black ballet flats in my drawer at work so I have close-toed shoes to wear when I have to post evacuation lists throughout the building and I need to enter labs. At the end of the day, I slipped the flats on to give my tootsies a break until I got to the opera house. The audit wrapped

Summer's Winding Down - Bring on Fall!

Time's passage continues to amaze me. Isaac goes back to school next week, I've been given more responsibilities and hours at work and I start training next week for them. $400 in my hands - glad I didn't drop it! We went to the family reunion for a couple of days and it was a joyous, raucous affair, as I figured it would be. I even partook in a $400 bottle of wine, courtesy of the coolest brother in the world. Because of him I discovered a hat that actually looks fabulous on me (I never believed such a thing existed) - a fedora he got in New Orleans. I wore it both evenings, since it really didn't go with my leopard print bikini I wore during the day. Sitting around the campfire I said, "You know I'm leaving with this, right?" Aren't I a precocious little thing?! He should've slapped me upside the head and said no, but chuckled in resignation instead. I'm sending the fabulous hat back. It's been sitting on my dresser since we retur

A Trip into Boston, a Fare-thee-Well, and Inspiration Strikes Again!

The passage of this week was a teensy bit strange. I took Wednesday off, and day off in the middle of the week tends to mess with the flow. I actually went into Boston all by myself (like a big girl!). For an inexplicable reason, lo these past two decades, I completely infantilized myself by refusing to pay any attention to my surroundings when I've accompanied those who know it. But I was able to navigate my way - and it was a gorgeous day for a walk in the city! Also, Friday was the last day at work for someone whom I've come to regard fondly. I did a stellar job of keeping the little surprises his co-workers planned secret. Like the card that was brought down to me. I sent out an e-mail to the building letting people know I had it and they could stop by to sign at their leisure. I expanded the list to display each individual name and thought I deleted his name. Nope. Within roughly two minutes of it going out, the person who brought the card to me told me his name was stil

Inspiration Hits Whilst the Family is Away

I'm on my own for the weekend. Ben, Isaac and Shiloh are in Maine with friends who spend a good portion of their summers there. They have an RV site right next to their parents'; Ben and the kids are staying in their parents' RV since they aren't there this weekend. I wasn't feeling well Thursday and Friday and the thought of an eight-hour round trip over two-and-a-half days was exhausting. Also the constant coughing, sore throat and headache didn't leave me in the cheeriest disposition. I had to explain that to Isaac, since he thought I was staying behind because, "Mama didn't want to miss her stories!" They are having a great time! Ben's photo-bombed me with pics of the kids. I'm glad they went - it'll be nice to hear all about it from Isaac after they get back. There are other photos of Isaac, but he's accompanied by other people in them. I have a strict policy of not posting pics of people who haven't give me permission. (

Isaac's Trip; A Wicked Night Out

Today is my kind of day - not quite seventy, cool and overcast. There's been some rain mixed with the sun today. But this is a blessing compared to gross, moist heating blanket that draped itself around the Northeast all last week. Not only did I get to reconnect with dear friends on a day off last week, Isaac was with my parents. Mummy asked a couple of months ago to take him for a week this month, and everyone was on board! Isaac loves his Gammy - and she was dying to get some Isaac time.  Neither of us thought that Shiloh was ready for an entire week without me, so I wasn't completely childless last week. Mummy called from the grocery store asking about Isaac's favorite foods. I gave her the healthier choices (everything bagels, pretzel chips, bagel chips, Pop Chips) since I knew their house was already teeming with all the snacks and sugary cereals that grace our pantry only on a very limited basis. Isaac did his little giddy-jiggle when I told him Gammy was asking

A Day Off

You know how sometimes you don't realize you need something until it's thrust upon you? Well today's day off was exactly that for me. Since I like my job and the people I interact with on a regular basis, work is enjoyable for me. But it's still work. This realization dawned on me as I laid in bed this morning - blissfully NOT in a rush to get the day underway! After rolling out of bed due to Shiloh's cajoling, I spent time happily  folding laundry and attending to some other chores, followed by time on the computer doing social-media things I don't normally have the time (or inclination) for since I'm on the computer at work. I believe the universe speaks , and it screamed for me to take this particular day off. Super Friend , whom I haven't seen since there was snow on the ground, created a FB page for the surprise baby shower she was throwing for another mutual friend, who I haven't seen in just and long - AND had no idea was pregnant - for this

Magazine Review - The Rag

Flattery will get you everywhere - that's the case with me at any rate. Lovely accolades regarding my book reviews on Amazon were bestowed upon my by Dan Reilly, an editor of the new, marvelous literary magazine, The Rag . There are eighteen pieces of literature; I'll highlight my favorites. The Rag Imagine opening a jewelry box and discovering a delightful collection of off-beat, unique gems you wouldn't expect to find in one place, yet they somehow belong together.  The Rag , Issue 5, Winter/Spring is this in literary form. Short stories comprise the majority of the pieces in this literary jewelry box; the poetry and subversive artwork by Meredith Robinson give the collection undeniable pizzaz. To varying degrees this magazine explores the darker side of the human psyche. If the cover art of sunglassed-man with what looks like blood smeared around the outside of his mouth doesn't clue you in, the first story, Memento Mori by Stefani Demas will. This story wa

Happy Fourth!

I suppose, happy day after  the fourth would be more appropriate...  Where'd I leave off? Oh, yes - with my colossal over-reaction to a work issue. If you've been waiting with bated breath - all is well. No reprimands, or anything of that nature. Nothing like working myself up into a tizzy! So that's where Isaac gets it.... Anyone else melting in blistering heat? As much as I despise it, this week's weather is perfect for the Fourth - I am a traditionalist when it comes to holiday weather. A dreary, tepid Fourth is about as appropriate as warm, mild Halloween or an un-white Christmas! How did you celebrate? BBQs and fireworks? I was curious as to how long fireworks have been used to celebrate the day our country gave the King the finger and was going to Google my query, but I didn't need to. I just checked my inbox and my daily e-mail from The Pioneer Woman was titled: Twenty Interesting Things about the 4th of July . The 14th interesting thing is the answ