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12 Days of Christmas Cookies - Days 5 & 6

According to a study I made up for this post, completely inundating oneself with only current events can induce a severe case of jam-fingers-in-ears-and-run-away-whilst-yelling-lalalalalala-itis. A FB friend closed her FB & Twitter accounts just after the Paris tragedy because of the severity of her aforementioned affliction. I applaud her decision, and admire the strength it took for her to do that - considering how heavily vested she was in the medium.  I don't have it in me to go cold turkey. So stave off the affliction, I've made copious use of the "Delete From Feed" and "Don't Show Posts From xxx" options on my feed. And to amp up the Christmas cheer, especially while baking, I added Lite Rock 105 out of Providence to my radio diet the day after Thanksgiving - that's when they go all Christmas songs 24-7, until the New Year. My fingers are no longer poised outside my ears. I just need to decide on other radio stations after Christmas is

12 Days of Christmas Cookies - Day 4

Anyone else in a state of perma-shock that ole St. Nick will be squeezing his portly frame down chimneys in three days?! Looks like I'll be doubling up on cookie recipes. And while one isn't a cookie, I make it every to have Christmas morning, and will share. We are trekking out to Upstate NY to share the holiday with Mumsy, Daddy, Barbie and the twins and I'm wicked psyched! (That's right - I'm letting my New England vernacular flag fly!) Will you be travelling to, or hosting a gathering, great or small? On to Buche de Noel cookies. Buche de Noel is French for Christmas Log. No wonder we don't translate it - Christmas Log is positively gauche! (Is there nothing that the French language can fancy up?) Anyway - a Buche de Noel is a log-shaped cake, and can be very time-consuming to make. See pic: The mushroom, while cute, don't seem Christmassy... Since I tend to go straight to DEFCON 1 if something I attempt on the first try doesn't come out pe

12 Days of Christmas Cookies - Day 3

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! We didn't make it to the Festival of Lights, but they're doing it again this coming weekend, so hopefully we'll make it over there after the Pats take care of the Titans. (Was very happy to see they returned to form for Sunday' s game! I had faith.) Errands, laundry and cleaning with a swing by the salon for a long-overdue shearing of my shaggy head comprised most of the activities this weekend. And baking, of course! True to form, I had a grandiose schedule of six or seven cookie recipes I wanted to prepare. But after the hours shopping, scrubbing and straightening, I took an axe to the list, and settled with two recipes. This was a wise decision all around. Not only is it inadvisable to have 10 dozen cookies just lying around, I would have no baking to keep me busy during the week! PEANUT BUTTER BLOSSOMS A Happy Tray! Peanut Butter Blossoms have been my favorite Christmas cookie since ever. No marriage of fla

12 Days of Christmas Cookies - Day 2

Happy Friday! You no doubt have noticed, I reverted back to the old template. I did receive a thumbs up with regards to the other one - but it was just too messy for me. Not just the background, but the whole thing was too chaotic for my poor linear brain to handle. But not everything is the same! A little font change here, splash of color there - voila! Change I can handle. Any festive plans for the wee ke nd? There's a Festival of Lights a t the local KOA this weekend that I'd like to take the kiddos to. Shhh! They don't know yet.  I will a lso be baking, of course! It's eleven days into the month, and I have y e t to m ake a single batch of the quintessential Ch ristmas cookie. The peanut blossom. I purposely put off procuring the ingredients because of this clean eating challenge. That is one cooki e that I can't resist. My sister put a mouth-watering pic of her blossoms on FB last weekend and it's been haunting my dreams since. And today is th

12 Days of Christmas Cookies - Day 1

So what do you think of the new look? I'm not sure yet if it's permanant - haven't decided if the red mosaic-y background is too distracting. Let me know what you think in the comments section below or on FB! I've been musing (hahaha) over ways to be more active on this little bloggy-blog and figured a makeover was a good place to start. Other ideas are bouncing around the cavernous space betwixt my ears like those little, rubber super-balls -- but more on that later. Moving on to something delicious and festive! I know - 12 Days of Christmas is supposed to begin on the first of the month. I'm starting today for the following reasons (in no particular order): Z. I'm a rebel. 4. This most original of ideas occurred to me at the beginning of the week. e. I've made three batches of cookies already, and sharing them brings more joy to me and is waaaaay funner than jawing about the state of the world! MCXVII. Since I'm at the tail end of my