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The Inevitable - Update 2

Is anyone else freezing their proverbial tails off? As the "cool" weather prognosticators are fond of say, "The mercury will it 20 today!" Damn! It's frosty... 154 The number may have changed - I don't know yet. I'm going to weigh myself on Saturdays now. Weekday mornings are just too hectic. Time for some accountability. Already. I know, right? Alas, this weekend I veered off the "Healthy Highway" and careened in to "Gluttony Ravine". Saturday was decent. Did a half hour of kickboxing after two hours of cleaning. (Cleaning counts! It's in the aerobics listing in MFP!) I also kept the calories in check. For some reason (I blame football - ONE good thing about the Pats blowing it - I'm no longer emotionally invested in it!) but whatever the excuse, I flipped Sunday and Monday the bird. It began with not exercising on Sunday, as I planned. I figured since I'd busted my hump all


If I hear, "Most gun owners are responsible, upstanding citizens. They take offense at... blah BLAH BLAH !!"  - I'm going to f*ing kill myself, okay? (I'm channelling the awesome, classic, beautiful Annette Bening as Nic in The Kids are All Right  when she loses it while out to dinner with another couple and the last thing she says is, "If I hear one more person say they love heirloom tomatoes, I'm going to f*ing kill myself okay?") Excellent movie, by the way. I'm going to write a review. I digress.... Yes. We know. The majority of gun owners are paragons of citizenship who have the right to shoot game, or an intruder whenever the hell they feel like it. As a Second Amendment supporting liberal, I take offense at everyone ONLY screaming that guns aren't the problem. The fury has been percolating all week long (I've been listening to too much news this week, I think) but I've held it in check. Then, a few hours ago I saw the stupid

The Inevitable The Plan - Update 1

Greetings and salutations! How fare thee this fine Friday morning? Okay - I've returned from King Richard's Faire.... But how was everyone's week? Yesterday I received notification that as of Monday, provided I bring proper documentation, I will officially be an employee of my current company! So-long temp status! And how did I celebrate, you ask? By sticking to my 1300 calorie limit and going to bed at a decent hour so I can pop Workout 2 of Phase 1 in JM Body revolution before going to work. Tempted, though I was, to stop for a bottle of vodka on the way home, certain I would just stick to a limit of two - I plugged two vodka cranberries  and  one serving of the dinner I planned into MFP. 1500 calories. Nope. Not today. THE UPDATE 154 No, I didn't jump and shriek for joy when I saw that number, like I did the last time. I was, however, happy that it wasn't any LARGER. Instead of bouncing out of bed Monday morning, charged and full of energy, ready to tak

Football Sunday Snacks

Ravens v Broncos: Gritty and amazing. While I certainly hope for a good game between my Pats and the Texans, I really don't need to it to be that much of a nail-biter. And is anyone else wondering if that  was the game of the year? Will the Super Bowl be as good? Also, Colin Kaepernick is quite impressive! I thought as much when they came to Foxboro, and he impressed me even more against the Packers last night. THIS is football! For some inexplicable reason, I thought the games today were at the same time as the ones yesterday, and therefore had gads of time to get some recipes together. I don't have as much time as I thought! Here are snacks I'm making for the Seattle/Atlanta game. Normally I prefer to make something before sharing it, but I'm going to take a chance with the Chipotle Black Bean dip, as I trust the source. Visit this blog post  for home-made guacamole, spinach and artichoke dip and whole wheat, garlic pita chips. My pita bread is thawing on the cou