Happy New Year; The Inevitable

May your days be merry and bright!
How was everyones New Year celebration? Were you amongst raucous masses, or enjoying a quiet evening?

Ben's cold left him congested and achy, conditions that only enhanced his predisposed aversion to large gatherings, so we declined a party invite. As I volleyed a game of Words Free with a friend who was attending, he asked if we were going. He was disappointed when I said no. Then he told me to have Ben take some Thera-Flu and come. I said he'd be miserable. Then he said Ben could stay home. D'oh! Popping over there solo for a bit never even occurred to me! But by the time he said that I'd already had a few cocktails. While I wasn't inebriated by any stretch, the cocktails combined with my horrid night vision and expired inspection sticker were flashing neon reasons for me to not venture out. So we watched some back episodes of American Horror Story, a Leverage rerun then saw the ball drop before retiring. I can't recall the last time I was actually awake to ring in the New Year...

New Year's Day, Christmas regalia was taken down; A Christmas Carol, Elf, and The Ref were also viewed for the last time before being packed away until next season. Without my asking, Isaac helped un-decorate the tree (whoa!). He was unsurprisingly morose during the take-down. His subdue temperament gave me pause; I momentarily recalled being eight and feeling as though I were at a funeral as I helped my parents pack away the Christmas decorations.

Now, however, I'm almost just as happy to put away the decorations as I am whence I pull them out. It's cathartic. Wrap the holiday up until the end of the year, start anew, rediscover your rhythm.



Resolutions are synonymous with the New Year. I don't believe in resolutions. That said... My clothes are tight, I'm certain I can't suck in my gut enough to button my fabulous jeans, I shower without my contacts in to blind myself to how much my belly has expanded, and at home I always wear "athletic" clothes. Translation: stretchy pants. Whence I disembarked from my fitness wagon a few weeks ago, all of this was expected.

As with most vacations, the end of this mini-vaca from my healthy regimen has me running back to it at top speed, arms wide. Which is why rediscovering my healthy self is not a resolution - it's an inevitability. I did forty minutes of yoga a few days ago; it was the perfect reminder to get back in motion. The wonderful warmth in my muscles radiated from the hour after I finished through the next day. A break from the day-to-day workouts brings the realization to the forefront how much I love them. 

This week I'll pop in some kickboxing and yoga; starting next Monday I'll have my food schedule set and re-embark on my JM Body Revolution. The workouts gave me amazing results without following the diet. I'm perfectly rested to start it again from the beginning, and can't wait to see what'll happen by also sticking with the meal plan. Since the meal plan is just a portion of her Master Your Metabolism cookbook, I may just have to invest in the cookbook to broaden my options. The most important part of this equation will be not having nightly cocktails. My liver with thank me. Cheers! 


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