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Apple Cinnamon Sour Cream Coffee Cake; Harvest Fair

Apple Cinnamon Sour Cream Coffee Cake. Third time was a charm for this scrumptious slice of heaven. I made it three times within a one week period. The first time was to take some for my quarterly visit (I'd like to up this to at least bi-weekly) with Christi, aka Super Friend . We ran into each other unexpectedly at the local playground, she'd just picked her boys up from school and brought the there - Shiloh and I were already there. (We made some new friends at the library, and that was mutually agreed upon time and day to bring the kids together. Also, this new friend is a native German speaker and her four-year-old is already bi-lingual. Time to get get the Duolingo front-and-center again!) Anyway.... Christi and I hadn't seen each other since the end of June, and she invited me up for coffee the next morning. I said I would bring something, she said she loves when I bring baked goods. Now I had to bring something good and original. (Not because she would slam the door