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Dear Rachael

Hi, all! It saddens me that this is the first post in months.... I put this together last night, but was just too drained to get it out. I read this opinion piece , and I was just incensed with the way Rachael Larimore abdicated any responsibility for what may happen because of her decision! "Vote your conscience", but don't think that makes anyone less culpable for what happens! Hopefully she'll take a moment to read this... I'm scared, frightened and disgusted with everything - that the establishment got so out of touch that people were so desperate for change that they chose the know-nothing tangerine nightmare. Now is not the time to continue lamenting. We must cobble together the rest of our humanity and soldier forward. This will be my last political rant. Besides - time to start planning out the 12 Days of Christmas Cookies!!! Greetings, The tenor of your piece is completely anathema to wanting us to "Not blame you. Work with you."

Book Review: The Yoga of Max's Discontent

How's everyone been lo these past few months? If you follow me on FB or Twitter, I haven't been completely silent! The ups and downs of life's roller coaster keep things interesting, to say the least. Something I'm looking forward to immensely, is the trip Isaac is going on this summer. Ben's parents have an RV, and are taking him on an adventure! Since a six-week, country-exploring excursion is nowhere in our immediate future, I was thrilled when my mother-in-law said they wanted to do this. He's going to see a lot, get unplugged, gain maturity by having to live up to new expectations - oh my heart is aglow! Ms. Shiloh is a bit jealous. I told her we'll go on our own adventures. We'll go see Gammy and Grandpa, and find fun things to do. She was so thrilled that we'd be going to visit Gammy and Grandpa, she taunted Isaac, " We're going to see Gammy, and you're not." After hiding a chuckle, I told her she didn't need to be m

By Grabthar's Hammer - What a Tragedy

This week has seen the loss of two great talents. First David Bowie, and yesterday Alan Rickman. I was saddened by David Bowie's death, as his contribution to society at large was immeasurable. But since he was "before my time" for lack of a better phrase, my sorrow is somewhat detached. The same isn't true for Alan Rickman. The first time I remember seeing Alan Rickman was in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves . Since I wasn't a discerning observer of film in my early teens, I have Mumsy and Daddy to thank for understanding that his was a superior performance. The particular phrases: "Locksley, I'm gonna cut your heart our with a spoon!" and "Call off Christmas!" brought from them the heartiest guffaws. This made me pay attention to nuance, since all I saw was a bad guy needing some killing. The Sheriff of Nottingham is a reprehensible, vile, cunning buffoon. One to be feared, yet laughed at. Rickman embodied each characteristic with flawle

Happy New Year!

2016 Back to the grind today - how is everyone?? I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Our trek to Upstate NY to visit Mumsy and Daddy was brief, but wonderful. The week off with the chirruns wasn't as chock-full of arguing as I'd expected. We played their games, and Shiloh watched The Santa Clause enough times that she can nearly recite it from beginning to end. I let them stay up past their bedtimes on New Year's Eve, and I even made it to after midnight! We watched Ray . Excellent movie! (Probably why it won a bunch of awards.) When it was over, 20 minutes remained until midnight. We watched whatever "party" they were showing on a local affiliate. As I beheld whoever it was singing, and all the hooting-and-hollering partiers, I realized I was old. And okay with that. Because vacation week was largely pleasant, I was more happy for Isaac and Shiloh to be returning to school this morning (they were excited) than I was for me. But I'm definitely