Dear Rachael

Hi, all!

It saddens me that this is the first post in months.... I put this together last night, but was just too drained to get it out. I read this opinion piece, and I was just incensed with the way Rachael Larimore abdicated any responsibility for what may happen because of her decision! "Vote your conscience", but don't think that makes anyone less culpable for what happens! Hopefully she'll take a moment to read this...

I'm scared, frightened and disgusted with everything - that the establishment got so out of touch that people were so desperate for change that they chose the know-nothing tangerine nightmare. Now is not the time to continue lamenting. We must cobble together the rest of our humanity and soldier forward. This will be my last political rant.

Besides - time to start planning out the 12 Days of Christmas Cookies!!!


The tenor of your piece is completely anathema to wanting us to "Not blame you. Work with you." This is the written-word equivalent of sticking your tongue out at those of us who supported Hillary.

Your grievances against her are weak, and those a whiny teenager would make. She wasn't contrite enough?! She didn't specify who she'd elect to the Supreme Court?! She didn't bend in her abortion stance? (Would you??!) And, by the way, she didn't bat away "one scandal after another". She batted away ONE scandal - that wasn't even a scandal - multiple times. When you reflect upon your past votes, can you honestly say that any, or all, of these issues prevented you from voting for a Republican and/or man?

To quote the inestimable Captain Jean-Luc Picard: "Sometimes the moral thing to do is not necessarily the RIGHT thing to do." If our society devolves into a despot (unless, of course you're white, male and "Christian"), where my daughter might be forced to be a human incubator, people aren't free to love, and there is no longer a middle class - I hope your conscience can wrap your blanket of self-righteousness around you tightly enough to insulate you from the guilt of being too weak to do the RIGHT thing for your country. 



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