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For Fun

Nothing magnanimous in this post - just showing off my biggest fan's talent with the camera.... He's so awesome! I hate having my picture taken most of the time - but it was fun to play it up this time. Can't wait to do it again, if he wants. (I won't let it inflate my ego.... Don't think that's possible, actually!) Next time NO flowy shirt! There were many "preggo" pics that were deleted (per my demand - and I didn't even see them) I was stunned when he sent me these, though. Did I mention he's awesome? I didn't run screaming for the hills after seeing his pics, AND he gave me a great idea for another blog post! Since I have a case of "not-accomplishing-what-I-write-down-itis", I'm not going to write down what he said. It'll be great, but it does require some time to marinade. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the photos!

Hump Day Blurb

Happy Hump Day! I was "chatting" a with friend last night and they disappeared for a spell. Whence they returned, they said, "I thought you did another blog post...." Ahhh, my biggest fan! I said I'd meant to but hadn't gotten around to completing it. This is actually the third title this post has boasted. The first was - I don't remember actually - but the second was going to be a Mother's Day post that just never found footing. After I crowed on FB about needing a cast for my arm (I broke it patting myself on the back...) because the fish tacos I made were super-splendiferous, my favoritest sister responded, "I LOVE fish tacos. I can't wait for the recipe!" I then replied, "I'm going to get that out today!" That proclamation was the beginning of my undoing. Sometimes I find that when I make written declarations, the complete opposite comes to fruition. Anyone else experience this phenomenon? When I didn't take

Working on the "Irish Cop-Out"; Double Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cookies with Cranberries and Mascarpone

How's everyone been? I've been quite busy - hence the time lag between blog posts. I actually started this post on Friday and it was supposed to be a "Week's Wrap-Up" - I'm just now getting to finish it. (With some adjustments) I've said it before - I'm not the mother I'd always envisioned myself being. An occurrence last week reinforced this fact - but it was the catalyst for a mature conversation between myself and Isaac (as mature a conversation that can be held with a eight-and-three-quarters-boy, anyway). I love to blame my "Irishness" for my lack temper-control - but I'm starting to feel more, and more that's a cop-out. Especially when dealing with my children. The first step to correcting a problem is recognition, is it not? So, I recognize and will keep working on it. Isaac's switch flipped last Wednesday afternoon. He went from his normal loving state to the Isaac Monster. Gratefully, the Isaac Monster has mellowe