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An Auspicious Start to 2015

"We're on to Seattle," Bill Belichick. WHOOOOOO!!!!! I am so proud of my Pats! This season was excellent - and I've been telling anyone with ears that I knew this was their year from the very beginning. Even when the Chiefs spanked them in week 4, my faith didn't waver. All week after, the Pats "fans" were bellyaching and throwing in the towel. Not me. I was certain that loss was exactly they needed to get on track and I was right! Isn't it amazing how right I was ? Of course since it IS the Patriots, there was no "good game" high-five train. The cry-babies be whinin' (Harbaugh) and the haters be hatin' (Deflategate?! Really?!!). But it's all good. All y'all can hop on the whaaaambulance - the Pats will be on a plane to Arizona. See you in September! Of course I believe they're going to win, but I'm just stoked for an exciting game! In addition to this merriment, things on the work front for Ben appear to

Merry Thanksgivanewyear! Again.

Greetings, all! How has everyone been? Since I'm constantly endeavoring and struggling to do better, I'm not one for New Year's-specific resolutions. What I DO love about each year's birth is the catharsis of closing a chapter of life, then the ensuing spiritual rejuvenation. Given the tribulations of last year, which culminated with the unexpected and devastating death of my beloved Aunt Mary Thanksgiving weekend, catharsis and rejuvenation is much needed! Between August and Thanksgiving I packed on twenty pounds. My bras were too tight, the girls were tumbling out and I couldn't fit into any of my jeans. My motivation returned the week of Thanksgiving, and I was going to employ MFP and hit the dumbbells the Monday afterwards. Then Aunt Mary passed. I got into the workout routine that week, but not my calorie counting. I was barely able to squeeze into one of my nice dresses for the service, and the uncomfortable hug provided more motivation. Isaac and I tr