Merry Thanksgivanewyear! Again.

Greetings, all!

How has everyone been?

Since I'm constantly endeavoring and struggling to do better, I'm not one for New Year's-specific resolutions. What I DO love about each year's birth is the catharsis of closing a chapter of life, then the ensuing spiritual rejuvenation. Given the tribulations of last year, which culminated with the unexpected and devastating death of my beloved Aunt Mary Thanksgiving weekend, catharsis and rejuvenation is much needed!

Between August and Thanksgiving I packed on twenty pounds. My bras were too tight, the girls were tumbling out and I couldn't fit into any of my jeans. My motivation returned the week of Thanksgiving, and I was going to employ MFP and hit the dumbbells the Monday afterwards. Then Aunt Mary passed. I got into the workout routine that week, but not my calorie counting.

I was barely able to squeeze into one of my nice dresses for the service, and the uncomfortable hug provided more motivation. Isaac and I trekked to Upstate NY for the service. He was wonderful, and and everyone was glad to see him (naturally!). He got to see his only living great-grandmother again; since he was three the last time they met, he'll now have a lasting memory of her. He also met a lot of other relations from Mumsy's side of the family for the first time, and he got to see his aunts and uncle.

When the immediate family converged at my parents' house after the service, I mentioned I was starting my diet after we got back home, my sister said, "Why don't you just wait until after the new year?" But since I had no huge social pressures on me that make starting a diet during this season there was no reason for me to wait.

About a week later, I began experiencing localized stomach discomfort that would abate after I ate something and myriad other symptoms that, after extensive Googling, I discovered were indicative of an ulcer. I called around and was fortunate enough to find a primary care provider that's accepting new patients, but the earliest appointment opening was for last Thursday.

One of the articles I read stated that ulcers can heal themselves, and treatments usually consist of Prilosec and/or an antibiotic, since they can be bacterial in nature. So I picked up some Prilosec while out doing errands, but was still considering a trip to the ER upon my return home. Ben suggested I call Mumsy, which I was avoiding because I didn't want to give her any more worries. But she saved me from the voices my head AND a dreaded trip to the ER. She said my symptoms weren't severe and suggested I double the daily does of Prilose, and keep the F/U appt. Hooray!!

In addition to the Prilosec, I nixed the hooch and coffee, monitored my caloric intake got back in the workout saddle. By my doctors appointment last Thursday, I was down ten pounds and relatively asymptomatic. The nurse practitioner I met with said that what I'm doing is what she would advise, and if the symptoms get worse or new ones pop up I should schedule an upper GI endoscopy. Here's hoping the symptoms this goes away!!

To keep the weight loss momentum and speed things along (as I'm not a patient person) I'm taking advantage of a 30 day free trial at I'm doing the 21-day Inferno program. It's crazy hard and I love it! And aside from a glass of wine New Year's and three cocktails two weekends ago, I've kept the hooch at bay. I may have a cocktail or two during the Pat's game (what a win last week!!!! GO PATS!!!!) on Sunday, but I may not. I consider this ulcer my body's and the universes's way of ensuring that I not get carried away again - message received loud and clear!

Christmas and New Year's were quiet, and the young'ns got most of what they asked for. Catharsis and spiritual rejuvenation aside, I was my usual despondent self whilst taking down the tree and decorations, then watching A Christmas Carol and The Ref one final time. Ben summed it up succinctly, "Now it's just crappy old winter." I smile when I see the few errant houses with their lights and trees still up.  I'm happy to put them up the day after Thanksgiving, and as much as I miss them after the New Year, the moment has passed and leaving them up feels silly.

Below are some a few kid-pics to wrap up last year!

"I'm not a sundae, I'm a CUPCAKE!"
Rocking Uncle John's hat!

Meeting Dora at the library.

Before Hurricane Children
Also before Hurricane Children.

Those are her new favorite Paw Patrol Pups!

Her new favorite dress!

These moments of peace make the raucous ones
 all worth while!

Playing with toys - amazing what they
choose to do when there's no TV allowed!

I hope your holidays were joyous, and your New Year looks bright!


P.S. In a moment of pure genius while chumming around with Insomnia earlier this week (whose appearance has lessened since the hooch has - imagine that?!) I thought it would be funny to rename the food section that makes appearance in this blog. I won't spoil it now, but will say it's inspired by a song from This is Spinal Tap. 


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