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The Week of Ick; Football Sunday Lunch

So how's everyone been?? A horror of epic proportions has been visit upon me! I've not been able to wear eye make-up since last Sunday! Last Friday the corner of my right eye was uncontrollably itchy. When I awoke to as sore eyelid Saturday I figured it was because I may have been to vigorous with my scratching. Then I noticed the lid was red and puffy. Said deformity didn't abate Sunday, and Monday morning Shiloh and I shuffled on down to the nearby Minute Clinic. The Nurse Practitioner looked at me and said, "You have a stye on your eye." (That was one of my own self-diagnoses thanks to Google.) She gave me drops to administer every four hours while awake and I must put a warm compress on it for 15 minutes 4 times a day. I also can't wear my contact lenses and I had to throw out all my eye make-up. I was able to find a kit of sixteen different colors through Victoria's Secret for a great price. That should be here on Monday, and I've cleaned my m