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Receding Blackness, New Glasses, Sicky and Guacamole Grilled Cheese

I could not be happier that the craptastic chapter of life that was last week has closed. It was just one of those weeks where a multitude of bad occurrences - one invited by my own stupidity - just colluded in a supernova of awful. The blackness that infected my psyche was quite off-putting, and if not for a dear friend allowing me to vent - not something I'm prone to doing - I would probably be in a room where no sharp objects are allowed. Since mine is a disposition that does not allow for happy mediums, nor gentle transitions, at 4:45 p.m. Friday, the moment I'd been waiting for all week happened - my switch flipped and the blackness receded. Woo-hoo! We met Mumsy and Daddy at our usual meeting place last Sunday to hand off Isaac and Shiloh - a Friendly's in Lee. They were kind enough to spring for lunch. When Shiloh was done eating she got restless, diving under the table for food that fell and fidgeting between Ben and Isaac on their booth. Ben took her outside and

Lovely Little Weekend; Book Club Book Review: The Interestings

How did everyone's week pass? Last weekend I was able to collect the remnants of sanity by spending it in my favorite place with my best friend. I left work at 3 p.m. last Friday and made it to Kim's house by 6:15, with only one detour to acquire Cosmo ingredients. After some cocktails, my saintly friend treated me to a lovely dinner at my favorite local restaurant - Finz. Saturday we ran errands, and I cooked a steak house dinner comprised mostly of recipes from her Christmas present to me - a subscription to  Fine Cooking  magazine. I was only slightly irritated that the grocery store AND the meat market we went to didn't have filet mignon in stock, which was the cut of meat that was supposed to go with the cognac-peppercorn sauce, and had to settle for a lesser quality cut. To accompany the steak I made twice-baked potatoes (my own recipe), and mushroom-cauliflower sauté from the magazine (the recipe actually called for broccoflower  - green cauliflower - which was com

Merry Thanksgivanewyear!

Greetings, all! It has been quite a while since I've regaled you with fascinating, and sometimes humorous, tid-bits of my life, has it not? Did you have a Merry Thanksgivanewyear? I truly hope so! The time between my night out and now has had its share of ups and downs. We are again pet owners (no - NOT pet parents  - please don't drink that Kool-Aid !). Prynne (black and white) and Nicholas (black - if you couldn't make the deduction on your own) joined Chez Sarjay in November. When Ben first mentioned he knew someone wanting to unload some kitties and showed me their pics, I was firmly against it. Then I thought some more that they might be good for Isaac and Shiloh and acquiesced. They've been fun - and good for the kids. Split the atom they will not... Jump on your feet whilst you sleep they will. "Cheeeeeeese...." Miss Thang - er - Shiloh got her first haircut. No longer will she have to sit as Mommy hacks at her bangs. My hairdresse