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Rocking Good Time

To say Tuesday night was great is an understatement. I hadn't seen my friends in way too long, and this time we were actually doing something other than hanging out! When the clock struck 2:00 p.m. I dashed out of work, got into my Jeep and bolted for the North Shore. Maria called me whilst traveling to check on my whereabouts and to assure me that my room was ready. (Normally I stay with Kim whence I go to Salem, but I thought she was staying the night at a hotel in the city because of an audit at her work the next day). Maria and I arrived at her house at the same time. She stepped out of a sexy, silver Audi A4 that she'd acquired the previous weekend and was to be our transport to the concert. Okay by me! We were greeted by her awesome wife, Jenny and their adorable Jack Russell. Jenny finished up some work, Maria and I changed - she even read my mind and asked if she could make me a sandwich. I hadn't had anything to eat since breakfast and was starving. She laid

Garbage Tomorrow!

You may or may not agree (if you don't agree, you're just wrong - sorry but you are) Garbage is greatest band on the planet. If you need convincing, go here and watch their f*%ing awesome performance on Letterman. I fast forwarded through Letterman to get to them (okay, I watched Bill Cosby) but I sped on through the rest of it. When they appeared, I cranked the volume and Isaac and Shiloh came running. Shiloh started bobbing her head and exclaimed, "Momma, dance!" Isaac stared, mouth agape through the whole thing. Then he asked, "Why are they called Garbage?" Being the devoted fan that I am, I was of course able to I explain the origin of their name. When he said, "But it's not garbage!", I then explained the meaning of irony. This gal is going to see them at The House of Blues in Boston tomorrow! I'm so excited I could pee my pants - but that's gross so I won't. What's the haps with everyone? I know some of my friends, wh

Snow Day

So today I must bestow a cape upon myself - for being Super Bit%*! Super The snow is still coming down at a steady clip. Our phones rang this morning at 5:00 with news that the school was closed. Since I'd made arrangements for Isaac in case of this occurrence, I figured I was set to go to work. There were some things that I'd put off until today I wanted to attend to and my colleagues' time is maxed out. I really didn't want to add to their burdens. Ben got his truck stuck in the driveway, after shoveling a path out. He backed past the lip of our drive, where the concrete it meets the lawn, and the tires couldn't get any purchase. There it remains. My sturdy little Jeep has 4-wheel drive so it will go in this weather. Ben went to get his friend in an attempt to get the truck unstuck. When he got back he said that he doesn't think I should be driving anywhere. Power lines were sagging low and the street wasn't even plowed. My good ol' Irish temp

Hump Day Blurb!

The early morning sky is still midnight blue, but lightening to gray-blue with each passing minute. The naked tree branches, craggy and disjointed, reach upward in a permanent stretch against the sky. The local NPR host just announced another ominous forecast for the next few days, the lookout for which begins tonight and ends Friday. Another glorious March in New England. I love it!  It's amazing what a complete night's sleep will do for one's disposition! That old bitch Insomnia has been plaguing my nights for the past week or so and, at least for last night, she couldn't rouse me. After falling into slumber's embrace at 8:45, she tickled me awake at midnight (as has been par for the course for lo this past week), but that blessed slumber hugged me tighter and didn't let go until 4:40 a.m.! I was so happy I could have cried. If I were a crier. Which I'm not. Except when something remotely sad happens in a TV show. Or movie. But that's not my fault - e

Minus One and Reality Check

How's everyone been? With an asteroid hurtling through the atmosphere, a gargoyle turning in his cape and our government continuing to display their complete inability to govern, current events haven't been dull! But thanks to my favorite TV news sources ( The Daily Show, The Colbert Report and Real Time with Bill Maher ) they've been quite chuck-a-licious! Tonight we are minus one - Isaac. He's having his first sleep-over - AT his friend's house! We're just so happy that the benefits of having at least one friend have sunk in. He's been giddy as a - well - school boy about it all week. Last week Isaac was on vacation from school and Ben took that week off from work. Last Thursday they went to the Museum of Science; then Friday Ben took Isaac and his friend to the Museum of Fine Arts. He summed up the trip most eloquently: "For the amount of boobs and butts, they did pretty good." Then on Saturday Isaac went to his friend's house for the af