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So Kim had a marvelous idea - let's go to the theater and see Wicked before it leaves Boston on the 15th. She even bought my ticket. I've never been to the theater and haven't been out in Boston in years so needless to say, I was thrilled. Also, as scant few weeks ago, the local arts reporter was crowing about how glad he was Wicked  had returned for another run in Boston, that it was just as fabulous this time 'round! We went to the Thursday night show. It was a coincidence that an audit was scheduled for work that day, so I wore my favorite (and pretty much everyone else's favorite) dress to work and my Manolo patent-leather-and-linen Mary Jane's. I keep a cheapy pair of black ballet flats in my drawer at work so I have close-toed shoes to wear when I have to post evacuation lists throughout the building and I need to enter labs. At the end of the day, I slipped the flats on to give my tootsies a break until I got to the opera house. The audit wrapped