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Thankful Addendum, Summer thus Far

Greetings, all!  I'm quite embarrassed, ashamed and chagrin that I forgot to include someone in my Thankful  piece. I will make up for that travesty now: CHRISTI (AKA SUPER-FRIEND) How, how, how could I forget her? Especially, since according to the "Find your Facebook Perfect Match", I am her perfect match! (When she shared the results of the algorithmic computations, I said, "Yes! I'm your damsel in distress!") She was president of the MOM's club, which I joined to find friends and stave of psychosis. Even before she knew me she was saving me! She's generous and funny - even a calming voice when the thrusters of my rage rocket start firing: (I left Isaac and Shiloh there a couple of weeks ago so I could go to my writers group. Stupidly, I forgot to bring their swimsuits, but I said they could swim in their clothes and I'd bring clean ones when I picked them up. When I got there, Isaac told me he forgot to take his phone out of his po