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In Defense of Gwyneth

(c) Hillary Weeks I canNOT believe that is the title of this post!! (And like the Princess of Privilege needs defending from me!) On Monday an e-mail from Goop popped into my mailbox that said "A note from GP". This was out-of-the ordinary, as they usually show up every Thursday. I tried following the link on my phone, but an error message popped up. Since I wasn't really that  interested I just let it go. Whilst getting chummy with Insomnia again last night, I scrolled through my Twitter feed and clicked on  this piece from Slate  about Gwyneth Paltrow's divorce - er - conscious uncoupling - from Chris Martin. The news I missed on Monday. Even though the overall tone of Jessica Grose's piece (whom I'm in agreement with 99% of the time!) was sarcastic, and some of what she highlighted from the newsletter struck a cord with me and I had to read it myself. So I scurried downstairs to read the "Note from GP". . The announcement was twofol


Succulicious I said yesterday that I would share a wonderful soup with you, did I not? And I am nothing if not a woman of my word. This is  a fantabulous, hearty, succulicious (Like my made-up word combining succulent and delicious? Webster's is going to knock on my door to add it to the dictionary, I just know it!) bowl of goodness for you.  For the longest time I really had no interest in soup whatsoever. I had nothing against  soup - I just didn't get it. Maybe it was the years of sucking down salt-in-a-red-and-white-labeled can whilst trekking through my adolescent countryside that left my desire lacking. (Funny little sidebar: One of the nights during the aforementioned trek, my professionally trained chef brother said he was going to make a linguine dish for dinner. Being the snooty little picky-palate I was, I declared, "I don't like la-gweenie!" To which he replied, "Really? What are you going to have?" "Chicken noodle soup.&q

The Hump Day Blurb Returneth!

My original plan was to have a quippy little St. Patrick's Day Post with a most original title of "Top O' The Morning To You!" That fell by the wayside because my ole friend Insomnia popped in for a visit at about 1:00 a.m. Monday and she kept me company all through the night. When 5:00 a.m. arrived, instead of popping out of bed bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as anticipated, I staggered out of bed, bleary-eyed and zombie-faced. I trudged to the kitchen and wandered around aimlessly, trying to figure out something for breakfast. Not even a cuppa Joe could get my brain into writing mode, then I remembered I'd completely neglected my German lessons on Sunday and whipped out Ole Reliable (my iPhone) and resumed my lessons with Professor Owl. Yes. I am learning German.  I read about Duolingo , a free language app, at my one-stop source for news - Why, German you ask? Because I'm a rebel. Spanish would be more practical, but who says I can't learn it

A Star, and a Story for A Star

There is a bright, shining star amongst the annoyances of late. That star is Isaac. After a week of super-duper-model behavior the following week, he was honored as a Star Student of the Week at his school for this week.  Mummy's so proud! A letter came home that highlighted things that were going to happen each day. Monday was a sharing sack - he brought in artwork he made over the summer and I mentioned his family tree project from Satori in Tucson, and he snagged it immediately. Tuesday was his favorite picture book. When I saw his choice, Cats, Tiny Tigers in Your House , I arched an eyebrow and asked, "Is that really  your favorite picture book?" Apparently it is. Wednesday was a family letter. There were some suggestions (thank the universe - suggestions are the flint to my steel!): A special or funny story about your child; A silly or serious poem; Share some neat things about him they might not know; Write a short story with your child as the main character. Gue

Fabulous Find

Before I get to my fabulous find - a gripe, if you will. Normally whence I listen to someone kvetch about winter, I just smile and nod. Winter has never bothered me all that much. Sure it's cold and SOME people get sick - but the cold has never bothered me all that much and I NEVER get sick. Well it's official - I HATE winter. More correctly - I hate THIS winter. The frigid cold has been relentless, I actually got the flu and Shiloh is now battling her second bout with the flu in less than two weeks. So I had to leave work early yesterday (and the CEO was visiting) AND I have to stay home today and am taking a vacation day Friday. With all these days NOT going to work, it sounds like a reason for one to do the happy dance... However I detest unscheduled occurrences - and a plethora of winter-flu-child-sick-snow-days have been hurled at me. My rigid psyche has been coping poorly.  Ahhhhhhh.... Thank you! On to the Fabulous Find. This Saturday past, like so many others, wa