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Bunker Musings II - Pretty Flowers and an AM Yum

It has been a dreary spring. While it is the weather to which I'm currently referring, the kiddos were disappointed to hear yesterday that the school year will need to be finished at home. We'll see what the announcement from our governor today will bring.  The rain and cloudy skies have been incessant! Yesterday began with a beautiful blue sky before the gray and rain rolled in. So I knocked the kitchen windows open a bit to let the fresh air in, and admired the scattered clusters of sunny daffodils that escaped the landscaper's excavation when I had the garden removed. Wee videos of the before and after of that can be found on my Instagram .  When I came downstairs from my bath I saw the wine decanter sitting on the dining table, and asked why it was out. Ben held up a finger as he exited the back door into the pouring rain and then returned with a lovely bouquet and said, "What's the point of having your own flowers if not to bring them in?" 

Bunker Musings I - Finding Joy and Gratitude

Have you heard? These aren't normal times?! I do hope you all are well!  For nearly two years, I was in a blissful existence of daily Ali Kamenova yoga practice, mostly healthy and mindful food consumption, and feeling better than ever!  Unfortunately, that is not my current state.  Since I've let myself go, I take showers without my contacts in, only wear elastic banned pants, loathe looking at myself, and have been afraid to attempt the new strong classes my guru, and spiritual warrior, Ali Kamenova has been putting out because I wasn't confident I'd be able to finish them. Why is it that no matter how long good habits are in practice, certain stressors are a gateway for the bad ones to slither their way back into your life?  The answer, for me, seems to be  I'm Only Happy When it Rains . (I just learned that this song's intention is ironic!)  But it's been my reality for as long as I can remember. And I've had another fountain moment, si