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Hump Day Blechhhh....

Don't you just love it whence a day starts out really shitty and then turns up all sunshine and roses? Wish that was how my day went... Today was an amalgam of good - crap - backhanded good. A swirly turn through all that life has to offer, if you will. After a complete night's sleep, I awoke on the right side of the bed this morning. Even though the sun was doing its annoying rising-too-early-for-yours-truly thing, at least it propelled me out of bed by 5:30 so I could accomplish stuff - cleaning, light breakfast followed by kickboxing. Isaac got on the bus, I got Shiloh to daycare and rolled into work right on time. Work has been relatively slow for me this week, so whatever is asked of me I've accomplished lickity-split - and I scour calendars in case any new lunchtime meetings pop up, yet the meeting organizers haven't properly requested. So how happy was I today, when someone who I hold in the highest regard and is supremely self-sufficient required the use of m

Sick Day

How's everyone been? The heavens weep as I type. The last time I remember this many consecutive days of rain, I was living outside of Seattle! I grabbed about three hours of sleep Wednesday night - to awaken with the right side of my throat horribly sore, and feeling feverish with chills. I mentally mulled over my day and decided that calling in was in order. I keep excellent, organized notes so my colleagues would have no problem covering, and my phone is permanently affixed to me, so I could be reached if necessary. Since my physical ailments replaced my usual friendly, chatty disposition with that of a grumpy bitch, calling in was the right choice. Also, Isaac had an early release day from school and I could be here to meet him. Even though I felt like the floor of a taxi cab, I had high hopes of squeezing in some kickboxing, conquering the mountains of laundry, yoga, and lots of writing after dropping Shiloh off at daycare. Whence I returned home, I had an egg-and-cheese sa

The Week's Past

"Let's do the time warp agaaaaaaain!" Seriously - I can't believe over a week has passed since the last post. This one has been in the works for a few days now. How's everyone been? This week at work was quiet and short, but because of the holiday, I stayed late each day to make up the hours I lost Monday. Writing and exercising fell to the wayside as a result. I'm climbing back on the horse tomorrow.  Weather-wise today is certainly gorgeous - clear blue skies, a temperate eightyish degrees with a nice breeze. All the windows and the French doors to the patio are open. But the three days preceding this were obnoxiously too summery - over ninety and humid as all get out! I hope it's not a prelude to another summer like last year's. This little gem just popped up on my FB feed: I stumbled upon a neat social networking site . I joined one "tribe" - writing for children - and have been welcomed with open arms by som