Hump Day Blechhhh....

Don't you just love it whence a day starts out really shitty and then turns up all sunshine and roses? Wish that was how my day went... Today was an amalgam of good - crap - backhanded good. A swirly turn through all that life has to offer, if you will.

After a complete night's sleep, I awoke on the right side of the bed this morning. Even though the sun was doing its annoying rising-too-early-for-yours-truly thing, at least it propelled me out of bed by 5:30 so I could accomplish stuff - cleaning, light breakfast followed by kickboxing. Isaac got on the bus, I got Shiloh to daycare and rolled into work right on time. Work has been relatively slow for me this week, so whatever is asked of me I've accomplished lickity-split - and I scour calendars in case any new lunchtime meetings pop up, yet the meeting organizers haven't properly requested. So how happy was I today, when someone who I hold in the highest regard and is supremely self-sufficient required the use of my meager talents for a few things? I was able to schedule his conference rooms no problem; then he asked of me another task that would have been blessedly time-consuming (for the day's duration at any rate).

A little preface is in order..

There are two distinctly separate divisions housed in our facility. As part of the admin staff I support both divisions; one is quite larger than the other; I'm usually assisting colleagues and execs of that division, but this time my assistance was needed by the smaller division. Also, I've not been given equal permissions to each of their drives.

One of my responsibilities is reformatting resumes to the company's default format then forwarding them to the HR database. In my tenure I've reformatted roughly two dozen for the larger division and two for the smaller. I have access to the "Resumes" folder for the larger, yet have never seen a "Resumes" folder anywhere on the drive for the smaller division. Because of this, I saved the two resumes I reformatted for the smaller division to my personal drive before sending to HR to upload to their system. Also, I've never laid eyes on the resumes for the employees of the smaller division who've been there longer than I - including the one who'd asked for my assistance.

He forwarded me an e-mail from his VP who'd requested all his employees CVs be sent to him by the end of the day - and asked if I could help. "Certainly!" was my immediate response. Then I scrolled through the CVs on my personal drive. I found one. I opened up all the folders of the smaller division's drive that I had access to - still no "Resumes" folder to be found for me. Then I double-checked the "Resumes" folder on the larger division's drive. Nothing. To my great dismay, I had to tell him I'd opened every folder I could and was unable to locate any of CVs he needed. He asked about HR's database and I said he'd have to talk to an HR rep. (Mind you this is the third person he's been bounced to). Later on he swung back around and informed me that I wasn't given access to their division's CVs. I was deflated that there was nothing more I could do, but what else was to be done? I left at my appointed time.

At home, I popped in my yoga DVD and spent the next fifty minutes in various stages of glorious, stretchy, vinyasa heaven. After Shavasana I peeled myself off my mat and strolled through the kitchen to check my phone - on the off chance I missed something. Well this time I did. My supervisor had sent an e-mail saying she was concerned because, even though I wasn't given access to the smaller division's database, I hadn't at least saved the two CVs I'd reformatted to the resumes folder for the larger division, and asked I get in touch with her ASAP. Instead of thumbing an e-mail back, I called her. She said she'd been able to pull the CVs from the HR database, but was the possibility of CVs being deleted troubled her (I don't delete anything). Since we're meeting tomorrow to implement new "CV, JD (Job Description) and Org Chart Process" we'll discuss it then. I also said I'd never seen CVs for any of the employees of that division that have been there longer than I, nor had any of them ever requested their CVs for any reason from me.

My yoga-peace had gone completely kablooy! In addition to the the usual voices in my head, NOW the "Shoulda Monster" was chomping at my psyche: "You should've asked about access to their CVs! Then this wouldn't have been a situation! But nooooooo! You just did nothing..." Grrrrr! I hate the Shoulda Monster! We'll see what the morrow brings....

The final pirouette of today's ballet was a successfully managed Isaac tantrum! I told Isaac he could stay up until 8:30 so Ben could tuck him in. Then I asked if he would flip the laundry for me. Tantrum ensued - but we were able to work through it with me uttering only one swear word (of course it was the f-word) AND I didn't scream! My voice was stern (and slightly horse when all was said-and-done) but at my most frustrated-exasperated, I implored, "Isaac, I just want to help you calm down! How can I help you calm down, without acquiescing (that's right, he has a great vocabulary because of me) to a reward you no longer deserve?" He took a few stuttered breaths and I could see calm settle in. I asked him to show me the map he'd created and had been clutching throughout our argument. The switch flipped, his eye lit up and he unrolled the paper and chattered on about it.

Now I'm going to finish up the rest of this Bruins game! If the pull the win out, the night ends on a positive note for me!

Hope you all are well!



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