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For Which I am Thankful!

Where were we? Oh, yes! I was extolling the wonderfulness of the signs of spring. Since then, the roller-coaster car of life has taken a nosedive, climbed back up, and did one of those sideways loops. Tis now chugging along, yet I await the next loop-dee-loo en route to my happy place. When faced with a seemingly endless all-you-can-eat buffet of trials and tribulations, it can be exceedingly difficult to see beyond the offerings right in front of you.  So I've been focusing on the positives in my life, which are numerous, and wanted to acknowledge the most important ones. MUMSY Shiloh tells me every day (not for much longer, I am aware!) "You're the best Mommy in the whole world!" I must disagree, because that mantle belongs to my mother. A shoulder to cry on, a punching bag when I needed to verbally jab-cross-jab-roundhouse about something(s) that pissed me off, and, on occasion, a money lender. This woman does it all - and has never asked for anythin