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Book Review: The Yoga of Max's Discontent

How's everyone been lo these past few months? If you follow me on FB or Twitter, I haven't been completely silent! The ups and downs of life's roller coaster keep things interesting, to say the least. Something I'm looking forward to immensely, is the trip Isaac is going on this summer. Ben's parents have an RV, and are taking him on an adventure! Since a six-week, country-exploring excursion is nowhere in our immediate future, I was thrilled when my mother-in-law said they wanted to do this. He's going to see a lot, get unplugged, gain maturity by having to live up to new expectations - oh my heart is aglow! Ms. Shiloh is a bit jealous. I told her we'll go on our own adventures. We'll go see Gammy and Grandpa, and find fun things to do. She was so thrilled that we'd be going to visit Gammy and Grandpa, she taunted Isaac, " We're going to see Gammy, and you're not." After hiding a chuckle, I told her she didn't need to be m