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The Mandala

"The Mandala is the Sanskrit word for "sacred circle." For thousands of years the creation of circular, often geometric designs has been part of spiritual practices around the world and almost every culture has revered the power of the circle. Eeastern cultures have used specific mandals for visual medication for many centuries; the Tibetan Buddhist Kalachakra, also know as the Wheel of Time, is probably one of the most famous mandals and symbolically illustrates the entire structure of the universe. Circular forms are found at the prehistoric Stonehenge monument in England and the 13th century labyrinth at the baste of Chartres Cathedral in France. Spiritual seekers have consistently created mandalas to bring forth the sacred through images and have evoked the circle in ritual and art making for the purpose of transcendence, mindfulness and wellness." I began contemplating how things have a tendency to "come full circle" after reading this blog post