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My Much Anticipated Return....

I'm back, baby! I know that you were all waiting with bated breath... Now you can exhale.  Much has happened since my last book review  (Seriously horror fans, buy this book! It's such a deal, and remember how much I love deals? ) School is out for the summer (AHHHHHH!!!!), my brave nephew started his stint in the Marines, a seriously horrific human being was convicted on the majority of his perverse crimes and an admirable writer shuffled off this mortal coil. Oh and the healthcare mandate was upheld by the Supreme Court. Those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. First let me acknowledge how in awe I am of my nephew. He is embarking on a potentially perilous journey and it takes an amount of guts I don't possess. I can't recall if he's getting a reprieve after training around the time of the family reunion in August, but I hope that's the case.  Isaac is out of school for the summer. Like a friend of mine whose son is also in school

Book Review - Graveyard Blues by Reina Salt

If you've been following this blog, first THANK YOU!! Second you may remember my book review of The Long Drunk  by Eric Coyote.  I have been reading up a storm lately and loving it. I finally finished Graveyard Blues  by a lovely human being, and professed monster sympathizer Reina Salt. I also have the honor of calling her friend. Our paths crossed years ago while I resided in the Pacific Northwest. I rustled up a part-time job at a local video store where she was already employed. We hit it off immediately. She's delightfully quirky and hyper-intelligent, with a vast sea of knowledge on her varied interests. The only other person I know that is as well-read as her is Ben; and she's seen a wider variety of movies than me! Her taste in music is extensive; and she complied two CDs for me before I moved away. Graveyard Blues (Night Blues) , the first novel in a series, is a strong debut. Any horror, more specifically, zombie aficionado will love it! Nerd that I am, a h

From the Depths of Anger Comes the Sweetest Confection

For the better part of Friday I was seething with anger. With every heartbeat fury coursed through my veins relentlessly. It was not pretty. As I tooled around completing errands I listened to my new Garbage album (no, really!). With its growly guitar riffs, frenetic pace and thunderous beats, track twelve,  The One,  was perfect for my mood. With Shiloh in the back seat I couldn't blast it as loud as I wanted but I repeated it several times. Good thing she can't complain about it yet... Whilst simmering in my vexation stew, I also wished I was child-free so I could go out and do something really crazy - and not good crazy. Something more along the lines of self-destructive crazy, and that I couldn't also fueled my ill mood. I had to think of a way to channel my wrath. Only two things lift my mood: working out or cooking and baking. I'd already done my workout that morning, and when I'm angry I just can't muster the focus for a workout. It's more my divers