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The Universe Speaks. And Hugs.

Where we come from I asked someone at work not too long ago if he was the religious sort. He responded, "Spiritual." This seems to be the reigning assessment from us of the ilk who don't profess to know what is going on, but believe something  is going on. I don't believe in any organized theology, but in the power of the universe. In her book Unlimited , my fitness hero used science to sum up spirituality (albeit with a somewhat New-Agey bent). Whilst reading the following, I found myself nodding like a bobble-head on the dashboard of a moving car:      "I'm probably one of the most spiritual people you'll ever meet. Yes, I curse a lot  (sound like anyone else?) , and I'm tough as nails, but I'm also spiritual.  And although I am close to "God", science is at the root of my spirituality. Let me explain.      "I believe that everything in the universe is made up of energy and information, including you, your emotions, and your be

After, Shiloh's Blossoming, Dental Superstar & Ma'amhood

I heard more than once this past week how "fast" everything passes.  For me, each day the clock ticks glacially by - then I've been sucked through the vortex and it's days later. Anyone else time travel in such a manner? The trip through this vortex was blessedly peaceful - no bombings followed by a dramatic shoot-out/lock-down/capture. Life has gone on, as it does.  I'm grateful to live in the United States - where we are properly horrified by such occurrences because they happen so infrequently. For all the things wrong with this country, so much more is right. Everything is polarized, nobody can seem to find a middle ground and our leaders couldn't appear more inept if the literally shot themselves in the foot - yet the rest of the world still looks to us to keep the rest of them in line. With the crazy-scary news of Assad using chemical weapons against his people, I hope all our strength hasn't been depleted from the uselessness enacted by the previou

Horror Whores & TV Talk

WHAT is this world coming to?! This is not the first time I've spewed this question, but it IS first time the reason for it to spring forth has occurred so close to MY home. All the information available at this moment is some horror whores planted bombs in garbage cans near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, which subsequently exploded. Two people nearest and dearest to my heart - Maria and Kim - are in Boston regularly. Thank the universe they are fine, but my heart aches for the families of the three whose lives were lost - as well as the others who were injured and terrified on what was supposed to have been a joyous Patriot's Day. The Karmic Wheel never stops spinning; it will land on the horror whores. Until then, how about lightening the mood a little.... The only premium channel I shell out for is HBO - and it certainly isn't because of the vast array movies available for viewing whence nothing else is on. No. It's their original programming and comedy spe

Hump Day Blurb - Belated St. Patty's Day Edition

Anyone else look upon Hump Day with the same I-can't-believe-it's-Wednesday-MAN-it's-only-Wednesday goggles as I? Life has been an out-of-body experience for me lately - seeing it happen, but not quite completely there. Weird, I tell you! Last night I was tapped by Inspiration's Wand and attempted some cookies I've been pondering for a while - Double Chocolate Chip with Cranberries and Mascarpone. They still needs some tweaking, but by all accounts the first batch was a rousing success! All the cookies I brought to work disappeared; a few co-workers even came back for seconds. I gave one cookie to the lady who brings caters our lunches (she's also a cookie-maker extraordinare!) - I'm going to pick her brain tomorrow. Isaac thought they were awesome, I gave a small batch to Shiloh's daycare provider;and Ben brought the rest to work. Spread the calories, that's my motto! I have a couple of ideas on how to make them better; and whence the cookies reac

The Week's Wrap-Up

How's everyone's week been? The train that is my life is chugging along... The second oops (Shiloh) turned three on Wednesday. I got up early and made sauce so I could make meatballs and cake after work. Aside from the fact that she's taking her sweet time getting toilet trained (she DID go in the potty on her birthday after her nap at daycare, though!), Shiloh has also become a challenge when it comes to eating dinner. But EVERYONE loves my meatballs and sauce - including her. (I changed up the meatballs a bit and they were awesomer!) I figured this dinner would be a no-brainer; she'd gobble up the meatballs and then we could have cake. No such luck. She wouldn't eat her dinner, so the cake had to wait. Isaac was chomping at the bit to have cake, and we indulged this morning after breakfast. I wasn't surprised when I hopped on the scale to find myself four pounds heavier. The cold I had really dug its claws in last week and I didn't have it in me to wo