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WHAT is this world coming to?! This is not the first time I've spewed this question, but it IS first time the reason for it to spring forth has occurred so close to MY home. All the information available at this moment is some horror whores planted bombs in garbage cans near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, which subsequently exploded. Two people nearest and dearest to my heart - Maria and Kim - are in Boston regularly. Thank the universe they are fine, but my heart aches for the families of the three whose lives were lost - as well as the others who were injured and terrified on what was supposed to have been a joyous Patriot's Day. The Karmic Wheel never stops spinning; it will land on the horror whores. Until then, how about lightening the mood a little....
The only premium channel I shell out for is HBO - and it certainly isn't because of the vast array movies available for viewing whence nothing else is on. No. It's their original programming and comedy specials. Real Time With Bill Maher, True Blood, Game of Thrones and Veep are my shows. (I've watched a few episodes of Girls and while I appreciate it, I'm not hooked yet). This past weekend the comic genius Louis CK's new special - Louis CK Oh My God - premiered. Hilarious! Even though it will be played constantly for the next few weeks, I'm glad to have it on my DVR to revisit whenever I'd like.


Who's following Game of Thrones? Anyone? Anyone?

Normally I'm one to read something before watching it. Unfortunately I still have yet to read the first book of this - truly - epic series on HBO. I'm just grateful that they're only on book three so I have time to read what I've seen, then jump ahead before the next seasons are filmed. This multi-multi-mulit-faceted tale is so rich, complex, intricate, sexy and twisted it defies belief it comes from one person! I want to crack George R.R. Martin's head open and examine his gray matter.

Since HBO isn't one to shy away from copious amounts of boobs, butts and blood, it's completely unsurprising they scooped up this treasure and have done it justice with its portrayal. (This I can proclaim with such certainty because people whose opinions I respect, and have read the books, agree)

During my daily perusal my favorite website - www.slate.com -  I came across this article: What  Makes Tyrion Lannister Such a Compelling Character? Take a moment. Read it. It won't take that long - then return...

So, what did you think? A very astute list. And if you read this post, you know I love to make lists... In case you didn't follow the link, the list (minus the author's reasoning is as follows):

  1. He's the ultimate survivor
  2. He had a terrible childhood
  3. He's cunning but kind
  4. He's heartbroken, but not hopeless
  5. He's an experienced, undaunted, witty dude

Let's set aside the fact that Peter Dinklage is smoking hot  - seriously. And his portrayal of Tyrion Lannister only enhances his smokiness! Below is an accurate representation of me whence I see or think of him:
Mmmm Peter Dinklage...

Just a minute...... Had to grab a hanky and wipe the drool.

But what really makes Tyrion Lannister such a compelling character can be summed up in the words of the inestimable Austin Powers - "He's a MAN, baby!"

To walk in the shoes of Tyrion Lannister is to walk in the shoes of a man. He's used his good fortunes (having access to gobs and gobs of money and his brain) to navigate his horrific life's sea. To be raised by a monster such as Tywin Lannister and prevail as a human being speaks to having a solid core - the same can't be said of his siblings. And they're the preferred ones - "pretty" and doted on their whole lives - yet they're evil. Well, after last night's episode, my jury has started deliberations about Jamie again, but his sibs are definitely twisted.

The vast majority of the time, who a person is shapes their mold for life's experience. A lesser person would've crumbled under the crushing weight of his family's - ahem - affection. But not Tyrion. He used those experiences to enhance who he is - reading constantly to keep his intellect sharp, using his sense of humor to propel his acerbic wit, keeping his heartache close so as not to dispense the same treatment to others. He's a man.

"Oh he'd be happy if I shot him in the face."

On to Veep.  This review (you'll never guess from which website...) pointed out aspects of the first season to me I'd never really considered, but are correct. Just watch the opening credits - the expressions on her face that lead up to this last one are all priceless! I thought the first season was a laugh-riot; each episode got better. I didn't didn't even consider the pathei-sadness of her existence. The first episode of this season had me in tears! And now that she's strapped on a set of gordes, I foresee many gut-busting laughs ahead. The absurd reality of it all!  I can NOT imagine living in politics. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is comic gold (duh!) and she embodies one of the most horrible people ever imagined with such hilarity you forget that you should just detest her.

And that's my two cents. Penny for your thoughts?? Hope all is well.



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