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Hump Day Blurb

How has the passage of time been for everyone? I find myself on an upswing and it's marvelous! Some pretty cool things happened via the Twitterverse. First I followed Jessica Grose (the author of the Gwyneth piece on Slate which prompted the not-so-impossible previous post) then tweeted her the link to the aforementioned post. I said I love her stuff and for the first time I had to humbly disagree with her. She read it and responded that she had to humbly disagree with me. She posited that Gwyneth doesn't put herself out there to be nice but to make money, that's why the stuff on her website is so expensive. (I don't think she does it to be nice either - I think she's just not being malicious, which is different - but I didn't want to bicker) so I replied, "I certainly can't afford anything on it!" Then she favorited my reply. (Happy-happy, joy-joy! Happy-happy, joy-joy!) A few days ago I favorited a tweet of a follower - a talented (and ha