Hump Day Blurb

How has the passage of time been for everyone? I find myself on an upswing and it's marvelous!

Some pretty cool things happened via the Twitterverse. First I followed Jessica Grose (the author of the Gwyneth piece on Slate which prompted the not-so-impossible previous post) then tweeted her the link to the aforementioned post. I said I love her stuff and for the first time I had to humbly disagree with her. She read it and responded that she had to humbly disagree with me. She posited that Gwyneth doesn't put herself out there to be nice but to make money, that's why the stuff on her website is so expensive. (I don't think she does it to be nice either - I think she's just not being malicious, which is different - but I didn't want to bicker) so I replied, "I certainly can't afford anything on it!" Then she favorited my reply. (Happy-happy, joy-joy! Happy-happy, joy-joy!)

A few days ago I favorited a tweet of a follower - a talented (and handsome!) actor/director/model who lives in Boston. This prompted a lively exchange between us. He checked out this little blog and raved about my way with words (blush, blush) then retweeted (I'm still having a hard time taking "tweet" & "retweet" as serious verbs...) the last Hump Day Blurb! He told me about the short movie (15 minutes) he has on You Tube.  It's A gritty piece about an out-of-work family man who tries to make some extra holiday cash through nefarious means and the consequences. I watched it on my lunch break yesterday. Excellent! So Boston-authentic (not the stylized-authentic some recent Boston-centered movies appear), good acting and great production quality. He said he wrote the script based on a story he heard growing up. It's totally worth your time!

I'm fortunate enough to call one of the coolest people in the world brother, and he was up last week for work. He's a partner in Pali Wines - a niche winery out of California. They have a sublime Chardonnay (and that's not my usual speed) and some exquisite Pinot Noirs (definitely my speed!). He took us all out to dinner Sunday night. That was interesting. By the end of the night Shiloh was so wound up, she bolted out of her seat, ran down the row into the KITCHEN and out the other kitchen entrance then up the other dining room row. It was time to go.

Then Wednesday I trekked on down to Hyannis for a wine-tasting John was hosting. It was fun to watch him work, and learn the history of the winery and owners. I even piped in while he was extolling the virtues of their screw-cap bottles: "You can just grab a bottle and head for the beach, a party..." "For walking down the street..." - that was me. That set the room a-Twitter (hahahaha). After he admitted our familial relation, a potential buyer remarked, "The grape doesn't fall far from the vine." (Smiley-face). The final course before dessert was a braised lamb shank over quinoa. I don't do lamb. The distributer John was with said they'd get me something else. I just wanted the quinoa. They returned with a sampler platter of previous menu offerings - beggars purses, fried quinoa balls with feta and mint over the quinoa and some dressed greens! John walked over and commented, "Look at you!" I just wanted the quinoa.... I chatted briefly with the chef about his delicious quinoa, as I had recently tried a "Bacon and Kale Quinoa Fried Rice" that was superb. (How many times have I used the word quinoa??) When John walked me to my Jeep, the chef rushed out after us to say he really enjoyed talking about cooking with me! (Smiley-face)

And nothing tops an evening at a wine tasting like flashing blue lights in your rearview mirror! Yes. I am still without an MA license and I've been piecing the Jeep together so it will pass inspection. I gave the very nice, (and very cute!) police officer my sob story and he took pity on me. He said to get it all fixed soon. "I will. I promise!" 

Tomorrow Isaac, Shiloh and I will hop on down the bunny trail to Upstate NY and visit Mumsy and Daddy for Easter weekend - after a hair cut and the Jeep's inspection. Can't wait to see their new house! They'll probably put me to work in the kitchen - those horrid slave-drivers. Any exciting, chocolate-basket filled plans in store for you?

Hope you all are well!



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