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Nothing magnanimous in this post - just showing off my biggest fan's talent with the camera....
He's so awesome! I hate having my picture taken most of the time - but it was fun to play it up this time. Can't wait to do it again, if he wants. (I won't let it inflate my ego.... Don't think that's possible, actually!) Next time NO flowy shirt! There were many "preggo" pics that were deleted (per my demand - and I didn't even see them) I was stunned when he sent me these, though. Did I mention he's awesome? I didn't run screaming for the hills after seeing his pics, AND he gave me a great idea for another blog post! Since I have a case of "not-accomplishing-what-I-write-down-itis", I'm not going to write down what he said. It'll be great, but it does require some time to marinade. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the photos!


  1. You are too cute! Great pics, Meghan.

    I'm going to pass on one of the major things I've learned while taking Kristen's Blogging For Author Brand class. You have your first name in the title of your blog, and that's a biggie. So many bloggers make it hard to find their names anywhere on their site! But I suggest adding your last name, too, so people become familiar with your whole name because your name is your author brand, and you want your name out there and you want people to remember your name so they can buy your books. And if you aren't published yet, that's okay. Then you're starting out on the right foot with acquainting everyone with who you are. Kristen made all the mistakes and I've made plenty and it sure helps to get these valuable tips early on!

    1. Awww! Thank you! And thanks for the tips. I'm not published yet - still finishing up edits on the novel and am playing the waiting game with a short story I sent out. And of course there are a couple of short stories started, as well as an adult novel that I'm working on. I've found that I'm a peter-er - start out with a bang the the muse goes mute. Not a singular affliction, I know. The blogging has helped with the technical aspects of my writing - so I'm glad I started. And I'm so happy I happened upon WANATRIBE and you ladies!!


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