The Inevitable - Update 2

Is anyone else freezing their proverbial tails off? As the "cool" weather prognosticators are fond of say, "The mercury will it 20 today!"
Damn! It's frosty...

The number may have changed - I don't know yet. I'm going to weigh myself on Saturdays now. Weekday mornings are just too hectic.

Time for some accountability. Already. I know, right? Alas, this weekend I veered off the "Healthy Highway" and careened in to "Gluttony Ravine". Saturday was decent. Did a half hour of kickboxing after two hours of cleaning. (Cleaning counts! It's in the aerobics listing in MFP!) I also kept the calories in check. For some reason (I blame football - ONE good thing about the Pats blowing it - I'm no longer emotionally invested in it!) but whatever the excuse, I flipped Sunday and Monday the bird.

It began with not exercising on Sunday, as I planned. I figured since I'd busted my hump all week and Saturday, I day off was earned. Besides, the JM Body Revolution schedule has Sunday as THE rest day. So that's all well and good. As the hour of the Pats game drew near, Ben rolled out the whole wheat pizza dough, slathered it in a Ricotta/shredded mozzarella mix and sprinkled giant pepperoni slices over that, then he folded it into a calzone and popped it in the oven. Whence those succulent aromas started emanating from the oven, I remembered that in the fridge was the artichoke and spinach dip; and that was only getting older. And what's a football game without cocktails? So I tossed the dip in the microwave, snagged the blue corn tortilla chips and ice cubes rattled into our glasses. You see where this is going...
No, we had none of those..

As for Monday - well Monday was a holiday - for most. I wasn't for me, but it sorta felt like one. Since Ben hadn't been feeling well over the weekend he stayed home with the kids on Monday. It was out of my normal routine to walk into a house full of family at that time. (Amazing how easy it is to find excuses, is it not?) Instead of tossing Ben out of the den and popping in Workout 1, like I should have, I spent the evening snacking and have some drinks.

After another restless night I awoke Tuesday with my old pals, Fatigue, Disgust and Guilt to greet me. No workout for me before work. On the way home from work I stopped for the most disgusting swill that never fails to wake me up - Sugar Free Red Bull. It's not like I got it to savor the - just knocked it back in a few swigs. Stretching out on my bed for "just a second" to read the second Dear Prudie chat transcript was almost my downfall. Instead of listening to Fatigue, Guild and Disgust browbeat me into the workout, I listened to the much quieter voices of two other friends, Reason and Inspiration. "Just think how much better you'll feel afterward!" So I peeled myself off the bed and layered on some pride (my workout clothes and sneakers). I hurried through the arctic air - have I mentioned it's COLD - and put the DVD in so I could get moving and get warm! Sure enough, Reason and Inspiration were correct! 

After a flurry of errands, I got home, made dinner - then hit the wall. I actually slammed into the wall.

 I couldn't even bring my dinner plate to the sink counter before crawling upstairs and into bed at 7:30.

Wednesday morning was much better - but after ten hours of sleep, how could it not have been? Before getting out of bed I read some inspirational updates on my weight-loss support FB page, which propelled me out of bed for breakfast then my workout. Thanks, ladies!!

Today I hope to squeeze a cardio in before work and one after. I've stayed under 1300 calories every day since Tuesday. And as for this weekend - I'm going to listen to Sigourney Weaver's response in Heartbreakers: "There are no weekends in conning, dear." after Jennifer Love Hewitt's complains: "Tomorrow's Saturday. I'll go first thing Monday!"   Yes. There are no "weekends" on the program. After the program.

Up Next: Movie review of Cedar Rapids! 


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