The Inevitable - The Plan

As I mentioned before, the dropping of holiday weight was an inevitability, not a resolution. I've realized, though, that my original PofA (plan of action) isn't enough, so I'm adding the following strategies:
Queue ominous horns

I. I'm going to weigh myself first thing Monday morning, before the first workout, and every week following. Whence living in Arizona and I'd dedicated myself to losing the Shiloh baby-weight and then some, I didn't own a scale; but there was one at work. It was purchased for a half-hearted office weight-loss attempt. When my jeans started swimming on me, I stepped on it. 150! I squealed (quietly) and shook my fists in delight. Mind you, the last number I saw - 183 - was the day before I borned (Isaac's word - I love it!) Shiloh. The number on the office scale just before I was pregnant was 165. The lowest I hit was 138 - this summer doing JM Body Revolution. That was a nice number. I wager 150 - 155 is what I'll see Monday morning. Not really going to squeal with delight this time - but I'll have a starting point.

Best weight-loss app. Ever. 
II. Time to dust off My Fitness Pal (figuratively speaking) and track my food. If any of you are of the mind to shed some pounds, this app is a MUST. Just about every recipe with a calorie count is in their databanks. I mean the "Our Favorite Blueberry Muffins" is there! You can also put your own recipes in to configure the calorie count. To top it off - My Fitness Pal is FREE! Okay, enough of the commercial.... In addition to using MFP, I'm also going to journal my goings-on. Here. On this little bloggy-blog (lucky you!). Since I abhor hypocrisy (but I'd be a hypocrite and a liar  if I said I didn't suffer from a touch of it on occasion - I digress...) putting my intentions in writing for all to see will reinforce accountability. In fact, with each tap of the keyboard, my mental resolve strengthens. For some reason I've always felt silly keeping a "diary". Too girly, or something. But it's different writing something for others to read. Thank you.

III. Mix it up a bit! I have an option for a free weekly yoga class through my job. The director of marketing is a yoga instructor at a studio local to the town in which I work and she offers a free class to coworkers. Isaac is going Monday to meet with a karate instructor to see what lessons will entail. This place also offer cardio kickboxing classes. Jess, who runs Shiloh's daycare, said one of her after-school charges takes lessons there. When I mentioned the kickboxing classes, she said this boy's mother attends the kickboxing classes - and may have some free passes. To quote Alan Arkin from Little Miss Sunshine when using his age to justify his heroin habit, "I'd be an idiot not to do it!"

IV. Weekly meal planning. Every Sunday I'm going sit and plan out at least every dinner. I don't need a lot of variety for breakfast, lunch or snack. Those aren't shared meals - unlike dinner.  So when the menu's planned for the week, so is the grocery list. While I pondered getting JM's Master Your Metabolism Cookbook, since today I was (gratefully) relieved of regularly scheduled hours at the liquor store, I need to save my pennies. With a treasure trove of healthy recipes at my fingertips - for free - online and in my current catalog I have all I need already. 

If you have any other tips for me, I'm all ears. I need all the pointers I can get! 

Right now I'm hoping against hope that I didn't put on so much weight I can't fit into this dress because the owner of our company, who's headquartered at our corporate offices in Akron, is actually going to be at work on Monday. And I bought the dress just for his previously scheduled visit, which didn't happen. I should be able to squeeze into it, though, it's not like I've done this:
Violet Beauregarde

Unfortunately the necklace I'm wearing in my blog pic has since broken. I may just have to shuffle on down to the nearby shopping plaza with a Charming Charlie and procure a new one. Since a Wal Mart is also in this plaza, I'll have to get my "The Inevitable" and tomorrow's Football Sunday menus together first thing and make my jaunt before the Pats take on the Texans.


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