Amalgam After the Blizzard

How has everyone been? Apologies for the brief radio silence. I can't believe two weeks have passed since my last post! I know I said "Up Next" was my movie review of Cedar Rapids; I'm still working on it. Surprisingly, I'm struggling on how best to construct my glowing opinion.

Whilst I've enjoyed the extra down time afforded me without the second job, the bite of not having the extra money has started to sting. Also Isaac's occasional raging tantrums, that have no rhyme or reason, were pretty regular last week. The combo made for a briefly unpretty mindset. 

Fear not - I'm not ready to commit hari kari! I'm all about balance - and the yin to the aforementioned yangs is.... drum roll...... I'm going to see Garbage in concert!! Maria Facebooked me that Garbage was going to perform at The House of Blues in Boston. (Anyone else experiencing trepidation that Facebook might go the way of Google - become so transcendent that it also gains acceptance in Webster's a verb?) Since I was treading mentally murky waters, my initial response to this most awesome of news was "I can't afford to go right now." The last concert I attended was Garbage's. With Maria. It's one of my greatest memories. What a reply....

Mini time-warp to the night of February 1st when I looked up the price of the tickets. I metaphorically sucker-punched myself. No matter how much it goes against every fiber of my being to ask for money, or to be covered, I swallowed my pride and did the unthinkable - I asked to be covered. Below is an excerpt from our FB Messenger conversation:

MARIA: Yes, I can cover you! Let's connect tomorrow and we'll grab you a ticket! :) woohoo!!

ME: Today the more I thought of missing them (esp w/ you) the more I felt I was missing OUT on something special. I can be deaf to the universe at times - but not ALL times. :) Thank you!!

MARIA: Thank goodness you came to your senses!

To top everything off, she asked if my other bestie would be interested. For some reason (I have no idea WHY) I didn't think it would be up her ally. But I texted her and she responded immediately with "I'm in!" A great girls night out - I can't wait!



I've been a bit ashamed that I've not stuck strictly to my diet. I've found the dedication to stick to a 5-6 day a week work-out regimen, and have been better about sticking to a daily caloric intake under 1300, for 3-4 days a week. Whence I stepped atop the scale Saturday morning and saw 144 I the guilt melted away.. Even though I'm not sticking strictly to the plan, I'm still losing weight. And since I read this article about how losing weight too fast can release toxins into your system, I'm probably better off! Nine pounds in four weeks works for me...


 My 6 a.m. greeting en route to snap pics

After I shoved a teeny path from the door...

Maybe it's just me, but this droopy tree reminds me of
Pizza the Hutt...

The beauty the day after the storm. Thanks for
the pic, Hubby!
Here, here!


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