Timescape; Not-so-baby-girl's Birthday

In the vain hope new readers are amassing, I thought it would behoove me to put what I am counting down to...,

Yesterday my not-so-baby girl turned two. I marvel at how the two years have passed so rapidly, yet it seems as though she's been around FOREVER. I find it fascinating how the passage of time is subjective to everyone, yet the speed at which it passes remains constant. The following conversation between my favorite android, Data and my favorite Number One, Commander Riker in the TNG episode Timescape, (one of the greatest episodes of one of the greatest TV shows, by the way...) illustrates the conundrum perfectly:

RIKER: Data, what are you doing? 
DATA: Recent events have compelled me to study how humans perceive the passage of time. For example, I have often heard people comment that time seems to pass more slowly in one instance, or more quickly in another. In reality, the actual passage of time remains fixed. 
RIKER: I suppose it depends on how people perceive time. Every situation is different. It depends on how you feel. 
DATA: I have been testing the aphorism, 'a watched pot never boils'. I have boiled the same amount of water in this kettle sixty two times. In some cases, I have ignored the kettle. In others, I have watched it intently. In every instance, the water reaches its boiling point in precisely fifty one point seven seconds. It would appear that I am not capable of perceiving time any differently than my internal chronometer. 
RIKER: Well why don't you turn it off? 
DATA: Sir? 
RIKER: Data, people do not have internal chronometers. Why don't you see what happens if you turn yours off. 
DATA: Thank you, sir. I will try that. 
RIKER: Just don't be late for your shift. 
(the kettle whistles, and Data gives it a Look)
I found this at:Star Trek TNG Episode Timescape (Unfortunately after a rather cursory search, I was unable to locate this particular scene on YouTube)

But anyhoo - yesterday marked the second anniversary of the LONGEST hour-plus ride to the hospital of my life. Within fifteen minutes of my arrival, Shiloh was being cleaned and weighed by the hospital staff. 

Baby girl
Not-so-baby girl - just before her bath! :)

Like I said - presentation needs perfecting!
Since austerity is the word that encompasses so many peoples' lives, including my own, I'm ever grateful that right now Shiloh is too young to be enamored by material things. Even though I wished her a happy birthday on FB, and called her my "Birthday baby-girl" she had no idea it was her birthday. And she's not really a baby. My favorite gifts to bestow are of the food variety and I made a most delicious cake - the recipe was bestowed to me by SuperFriend from up the street. I crafted my own frosting with butter, powdered sugar, mascarpone and touch of heavy cream. (Look at me getting all crafty!) I'm not going out on a limb by declaring this cake tasted like a moist, decadent slice of chocolatey heaven. My presentation still needs perfecting. SuperFriend, a professionally trained chef, said I should have called her. She loves baking and is a master  frosting applicator. I know this because she helped out when my cake services were requested for a birthday; when she was done smoothing and decorating, the cake looked as though it should've been on display in a bakery! Next time I'll pick up the phone. I need the practice...

Amazing how candlelight improves presentation!

After dinner I presented Shiloh with her cake-present, candles alit; then Isaac and I sang Happy Birthday. Just looking at her beaming smile, my mommy instincts told me she felt special - that she knew it was her moment. Isaac, ever concerned about how she'd blow out all the candles offered his blowing services. She wolfed down her piece with abandon.

For me!!!


I'll huff, and I'll puff and I'll blow the candles out!

Next month Isaac turns eight - only two years shy of a decade! That doesn't make me feel old, though. "What makes you feel old?" you ask. I'm going to see my two eldest nephews this weekend - one is of drinking age and his younger brother just turned eighteen! THAT makes me feel old.

Isaac said he wants the same cake. I'll definitely get together with SuperFriend so I can become a master frosting applicator as well...


Today's recipe, Zucchini Rice Casserole is creamy and spicy. While it may not be super pleasing to look at for some (I didn't want to scrape my eyeballs out of their sockets at first glance, but Ben wrinkled his nose when he first saw it. Then he sang a different tune when he actually ate it) it's delicious. As per usual, I spice up the turkey sausage; and once when I didn't have jarred jalapenos, I just used the fresh ones in my fridge. If you don't like spicy (such a concept boggles my mind, as do many) leave them out altogether.


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