Channeling my inner Mel Gibson for just a moment - he's since been kicked to the curb!

As mentioned previously, I am no longer in the employ of an institution which offers currency in exchange for services provided. While I'm thrilled to have cast off the chains of corporate servitude - I have exchanged those for the iron shackles (which, if I had any artistic proclivities, would probably be painted with some retro-new-agey-yogic pattern) of domesticity, which comes with its own challenges.

I can no longer be sent to the principal's office - er HR manager's office - because I've shown too much cleavage. But because of the fighting, the screaming, and my personal favorite memory - the "nice hike" - which devolved into sobbing hysterics because Shiloh couldn't grasp "peeing in the woods" and Isaac flailing his arms about whilst screaming "All bugs must die!" - My gray matter is loosening from a tightly wound conduit that transmits all manner of information, into a gelatinous blob within which the occasional electric charge will jolt and cause to jiggle. And I'm certain my nerve endings have frayed to a degree that must resemble dandelion fuzz.

I've been endlessly amazed, however, that regular demands for hugs and kisses AND proclamations from both my progeny that, "You're the best Mommy in the whole world!" (Well Isaac will say MOM - just before school ended he declared it was time for him to stop calling me Mommy, and it's stuck. It's even rubbed off a bit on Shiloh!) will erase any animus brought upon by their antics.

Moms are super and need capes! Mumsy arranged to have this week off so she and Daddy can spoil their grandchildren rotten - I was only too happy oblige! We met at our designated drop-off spot (Friendly's in Lee). It was a happy visit, and the youngins were thrilled to be off after sucking down mini cheeseburger sliders and ice cream sundaes.

Below are pics from this morning - Mumsy is still teaching me. I've not put Shiloh's hair in a ponytail because not all of it would stay. In the second photo, you will notice the solution to the ponytail problem. A solution so simple, of course it eluded me until it was staring me in the face.

Did my adorableness crack your lens??
Mom, you'd better stock up on barrettes and ponytails!


I won't lie. I spoiled myself today by sleeping in until 8:00 (well I awoke at 3:00, then fell back asleep around 5:30 and some VERY BIZARRO dreams pirouetted through my brain whilst visiting the REM stage), doing light housework, some cooking and baking. But tomorrow I begin attending to things I have been putting off because of my precious little cherubs (MA license, switching phone carriers, you get the idea).

Up next (no, really!) I am going to do my darndest to convince you to purchase a book!




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