Summer's End is Nigh?!

I'm hard pressed to believe that the passage of the most awful of seasons has been a.) NOT AWFUL and b.) so rapid.

As far as weather goes, this summer has been absolutely blissful! The windows and French doors have been open nearly the whole time - the use of air conditioners has been minimal. Only a handful of days were akin to breathing through a wet blanket and the sunshine has kept the dopamine up! I only hope that mother nature is equally mild through the cooler months....

Isaac's first day of school is next Wednesday. Which also means I need to get Miss Thang on a school schedule at home - that will NOT be fun. Just one more year before she's on the school bus!

I'd like to give a shout out (yeah, that's right!) to the Middleboro Public Library! Who knew that a library was more than just a book-borrowing building?! Everyone? Oh... Ahem... Anywho... Because of Isaac's mandatory summer reading schedule, we went to the library at the start of his vacation so I could see if there was a list of books for his grade. There was not. But there WAS a summer reading program and a calendar of events for the summer. Isaac blew through ten of the Lemony Snickets books and is now on Harry Potter. We went to two of the movie nights. There was also a weekly "Twilight Tales and Crafts". The one we attended Isaac got to make the volcano his school teacher deemed inappropriate for his end-of-the-year science project. Monday was the last of four yoga sessions for preschoolers Shiloh and I attended.  There was even a magic show and another performer who demonstrated scientific principles of simple machines with balloons. Isaac got to be a helper.

I got to play with the filters in iPhoto.

The library also has programs going on through the school year and that schedule will be up soon. Thank goodness - Shiloh loves going to the libarry!

Hey - I'm a winner!!

No, that's not part of a self-help mantra I've started repeating to myself to ward off doom and gloom (that's what yoga is for) but I'm an actual winner.

I signed up for the weekly e-mails from Cathe Fredrich's website, For anyone not familiar with the world of fitness DVD's, she's HUGE! Massive following. One of the e-mails invited readers submit a healthy recipe. If it's chosen you'll win $100 gift card to spend in her online store and the recipe will be featured in the weekly e-mail and listed on her homepage! It's also going to be included in a cookbook that's being compiled. About a month ago I entered my Linguini with Spinach, Mushrooms and Feta I posted last year and it won! Color me happy! I hoped against hope that she would have sneakers for sale, but alas, no... So I ordered a new yoga mat and a DVD with Tabata drills that are sure to kick my keester. And there's some money to spare for future spending!

Tuesday night a man, whom I've never met, rescued me from the potential horror of being permanently stranded at home because the key wouldn't turn in the Jeep. In a final, desperate bid to find a solution, Ben googled "99 Jeep Cherokee sport key won't turn" and was directed to the below video. So simple it was hysterical! And if not for the Jeep's geriatric age, and mostly uncomputerized mechanics, this most basic of solutions wouldn't have worked. Thank you Paul!!

I have a recipe in the works. Meghan's Marvelous Mushrooms - like that? It's marvelous! Hahahaha...
I was inspired the second night of Freedom. Grilled New York steaks needed some mushrooms to go with them - and I wanted to kick up the usual sautéed in butter mushrooms. They were marvelous!  Because I'm not the forward thinker I should be, I didn't write down measurements or take any photos. I have some criminis in the fridge that I can play around with this weekend....



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