Summer Wrap-Up and Fall Commences

Welcome Fall!

So how's everyone been the last two months? (Eeeek!) I can't believe how much time has passed since my last post. Several times I've plunked my keester in front of the computer, and each time I attempted a new post, nothing seemed to work. But it's working today!

Summer flew by this year - in fact the whole year has flown by this year. I truly can't believe that the first day of my favorite month is a mere two days away. Sheesh! The summer closed with me and the kids visiting my parents for a week. It was wonderful! My favorite pic of this trip is of Shiloh and Aisling (Haz-el-ing in Shiloh speak) that Mumsy took when we went to Enchanted Forest Water Safari - EEEHHHH! Where the fun never stops - bomp-bomp!

That day started off on a rather sour note. We left late (our fault), it poured on-and-off en route and for the first hour we were there, and we got stuck in construction traffic (also en route). Mumsy and I were in her car with the girls, Barbie had Isaac and Liam. Shiloh and Aisling bickered for at least a half an hour, then Asisling (who holds a gold medal in whining) started with "When are we going to get therrrrrrrrre?!" Ever helpful, Shiloh said that, "It's too late and we should go back." There was also one heart-stopping moment when Shiloh disappeared.

The night before, Mumsy made a half-dozen sandwiches, and parceled out little baggies of snacks so we would't have to spend money on food. Since my palate wanted something a wee bit fancier than the sandwiches she made, that morning, I collected the individual ingredients for my sandwich for assembly when we got there. When I opened the cooler to add them, I saw loaded plastic a grocery bag, napkins, waters and plasticware. I added my stuff, figured we were good to go, zipped it up and we were off.

When we got there, we snagged a picnic table under a pavilion for our stuff, and Mumsy stayed there reading. Barbie and I took the kids in the drizzling rain to get some water time in. When Shiloh threw a fit about getting in an inner tube for the "Lazy River", I stayed back with her and Barbie got in with the twins and Isaac (who was already floating away). I ended up shuttling Shiloh down to some 5-year old-sized water slides. Then we met back up at the picnic table for lunch. When we unzipped to eat, all that was in there were the snacks, my sandwich ingredients and waters. The loaded plastic bag was the snacks and nobody put the sandwiches in! So off to a food stand we went. Shiloh was itching to get back to the water slides, and I had to run back to the table for something. I watched them all walk away together and thought she stayed with Barbie and Mumsy.

When I headed back to where they were standing Barbie asked me a question that made my blood run cold, "Is Shiloh with you?" She was nowhere in the immediate vicinity. Barbie got the attention of an employee, and I started off in the direction of the water slides. Then there she was, running back towards us, with a rather petrified look on her face. Relief coursed through me and I gathered her up in a hug. Then fury that she took off like that nearly overcame me and I geared up to yell. But one look into those watery eyes, I regained my Zen. I calmly told her that she has to pay attention, and not run away. And as a few tears trickled down her cheeks, I also said that she did a very good job coming back to us. I had to hold onto her while we ordered lunch, then carry her back to the picnic table. She learned her lesson and I didn't have to yell. The rest of the day was pretty wonderful, although next year it would be great to spend maybe a long weekend in Old Forge so we can experience the whole park, because there was much we didn't get to do.

Loves the sunglasses (of course
they are now lost).

Trying to get out of Isaac's pic.

Just beautiful!

It was quiet ride back!

The youngest cousins pic 1.

The youngest cousins pic 2.

The only downfall of this trip is that I tossed aside my healthy eating habits - and have the tight clothes to prove it! And I only did some easier yoga workouts four times that week. This month I joined up with my fitness group and got my workout schedule ramped up again, and started more mindful eating. When the October group starts on 5th (get in touch if you'd like to join!) I'm going to focus on eating. Not going to have any of that sweet, sweet vodka in the house to avoid temptation, and I need to go through my recipes and write down menus. I find that I'm more likely to follow through with things if I write them down.

Now that Isaac and Shiloh are both in school, it's been quite pleasant for me around here.

My middle-school man!

She's crying on the inside!
See - she can hardly contain the tears!

The most important way this has benefitted me is that I can actually get some writing done. My manuscript conversion is still creeping along, but it hasn't stopped. I submitted another story to Highlights for Children (It's this one slightly modified to fit word limit specs.) I'm awaiting their response. And I was hired by company to write their blog and manage their FaceBook Page! The first post goes live tomorrow.

This came about from one of those delightful, unexpected twist of fates! Come back tomorrow and I'll regale you with the story and provide a link to the blog. I'm working with some wonderful people, who've gushed about the writing I've done for them. It's been a humbling and confidence-boosting experience.

It's so wonderful to share good news! I hope all with you is fabulous! (I just finished watching the entire Sex and the City series on HBO Now and fabulous is now at the upper echelon of my verbiage!)


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