Hump Day Blurb

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Happy Hump Day! No this is not my street. I just love a serene picture of clean snow blanketing nature.

How has everyones week been so far? I've been working since Saturday and don't have a day off until Sunday - but that's okay with me! Football Sunday is the best day to have off!

Sure, I've managed to pop out a Tweet and FB status update or two, but this is the first moment I've had to sit down in front of my computer and communicate in a meaningful way in days!

I was musing with my coolest sister on Turkey Day about how much happier I am since I've obtained gainful employment. Both my jobs total just over forty hours a week - a full time schedule. The way it's worked out is that the day job pays for Shiloh's daycare and the night/weekend job for us. If I had a straight nine-to-five job, Monday - Friday, it wouldn't work out as well since we'd also have to shell out for an after-school program for Isaac.

ANYWAY.... What I was actually musing over was how equal everything feels now. I also recalled this article whilst chatting with her.  One thing that's pointed out in the article is that working mother experience fewer symptoms of depression than those who stayed at home full time. Until I rejoined the employed, I didn't realize how closely I was hovering over the depression-sphere - even after I found the greatest group of ladies to socialize with. The only downfall to the gainful employment is the fact that I haven't seen those ladies in several months (you know who you are - if you're reading, that is!)... Our schedules no longer coincide. I'm determined to orchestrate a get-together for us before the New Year!

The equilibrium I now feel is wondrous! Ben and I have always had a very specific arrangement: if I'm not working outside the house, everything having to do with the house (with the obvious exceptions having to do with hardware, plumbing, etc..) is my job. He provides the house, etc.. I run and manage it. He rarely lifted a finger when he was home - and that was fine because he'd never do anything to my crazy-OCD expectations anyway.

Now that I'm also raking in some greenbacks, he's doing things around here that he wasn't before. It did take a bit of nudging from me after a few times of coming home at 10:30 after working for eleven hours, and dirty dishes were piled in the sink and laundry that had been folded for two days was still sitting on a chair downstairs. But he's picked up the slack, and I imagine (since I've never really asked) that he's happier not being the only one bringing in an income.

Now that the leaves have fallen, the trees are barren and there's quite an arctic bite to the breeze it can only mean two things - winter and Christmastime are on the horizon! I was going to enthrall you with my holiday traditions -then-and-now in this posting, then it dawned on me - you have things to do!

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A long swallow of ice cold water is the best drink ever - and this is coming from an Irish drinker!

Aside from the fact that water is our life force, if you drink enough of it - it also keeps your hunger in check. Countless times after not feeling completely full after a perfectly-portioned and balanced meal, I chug a bottle of water and - voila! Hunger is gone.

It isn't an exciting beverage, as Isaac is wont to inform me. I've taken to buying the Target or Wal Mart generic brand of flavor enhancers. Just a couple of squirts and all his grumbles fall by the way side. So there are ways to make water more exciting.

I used to be a huge procurer of Fiji brand water - and I still would be if it were in the budget. It really is the freshest tasting water out there. But the most economical thing is for me to use a Brita pitcher. There are several other options available to improve your tap water quality as well.

To close out this fitness tip - coconut water.

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This is absolutely the best drink. Ever. Vita Coco and Zico brands are readily available at Target in a variety of flavors. If you were going to laugh off this tip because you think Gatorade is what you need for a boost before or after a workout - stifle your guffaws! Coconut water is nature's energy drink. I down one of these after an intense workout and an feel like "I'm on top of the world!" It's chock full of potassium and myriad other nutrients that do a body good. Oh, after a night of enjoying yourself a wee bit too much, have one of these bad boys and you'll be right as rain in under an hour!

 Water does it all!


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