Turkey Day Then Lazy Day

Have everyone else's waistlines expanded ever-so-slightly? Have you been portioning out leftover sides periodically throughout the day and reheating them as snacks, breaking the pact you made with yourself to do no such thing whilst staving off the pending food coma? Then I'm in good company!

Dinner was scrum-diddly-umptious! Ben and I worked in tandem to put it together. He's a great sous-chef! Originally we were going to get a turkey breast because Ben doesn't really care for turkey, and a breast would be perfect - enough for dinner but no leftovers. Since procrastination is our favorite game, we didn't get the food until Thanksgiving Eve. Of course Hannaford's was a zoo, but it wasn't as awful as I'd mentally prepared myself for.

We made a beeline for the turkey. The whole turkeys were $0.99/lb and the breasts were $2.00/lb. Looks like we were destined for a whole turkey after all. No big deal. I whipped out my phone, pulled up Food Network's website and found a recipe for Turkey with Herbs de Provence and Citrus. I chuckled when the recipe page popped up and I saw its creator; I must have a sixth sense for Giada's recipes now. We collected the ingredients for that, these completely decadent, sinful mashed potatoes, green beans, and ginger snaps for the pumpkin pie crust. We got home and Ben had some work fires to extinguish and I took Shiloh for her well-baby visit. She's in perfect health and we can now stop giving her whole milk and higher-calorie foods. The doctor says she's at a good weight now.

Turkey Day morning was a whirlwind. I was in charge of the turkey, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole. Since I managed to make a tuna casserole that Ben quantified as "gourmet" I thought for sure the green bean casserole recipe I used would also transform his opinion of it. No such luck. I loved using this recipe because I detest cooking with canned soup. I had to keep the beans canned, though. It's a nostalgia thing. Ben made the stuffing and squash. He winged it on the stuffing and it was excellent! I've never considered myself a stuffing person and this was yummy!

I squeezed in some kickboxing after the turkey was set in the oven, showered, finished my sides, shoved them in the oven, then got dressed and came back down to clean up some.

Nom, nom!!
I served the chilluns and myself; Ben served himself. Shiloh liked dragging her fork though the piles on her tray then chewing on the fork's handle. Despite Isaac's efforts at keeping himself "starved" until it was time to eat, his plate was amazingly full when he said he was stuffed. Whence Shiloh declared herself, "Dall done!" I removed her tray and she pounded off to the den followed by Isaac. Ben and I stayed at the table and I picked at my plate until it was empty.

I've always been surprised at how full I am after swallowing the last bite of dinner. It's not like I give myself extra large portions, or anything. Then, as I stared at my empty plate and all the serving dishes set on the table, it dawned on me that I don't normally have a protein and four sides in one sitting. I also did a fair amount of sampling whilst cooking. I think the surprise is now permanently foiled.

The Pats embarrassing the Jets was the pretty-little-bow on the present that was yesterday. Damn, they're looking good! Dare I say it?? I think they've finally found their rhythm, even though Gronk is out until the play-offs.

Today I've done something that's completely unlike me - I've stayed in my sweat pants and flannel. I, of course, washed my face, applied my make up and fixed my hair - I didn't completely enter the Twilight Zone! Earlier I grumbled: "I don't want to get dressed."

Ben: "So don't. Take the day off."

Ding! The light went on. Don't get dressed. It's been quite comfy.

Yesterday there were Friends and Roseanne Thanksgiving episode marathons, which whet my whistle for my holiday movies! Tonight I'm going to break the seal after the kiddos are in bed by popping in Bad Santa. It's the wrongest, sickest perversion of the wholesomest of holidays - and it's hysterical!

Tomorrow it's back to work. (Frowny-face) Alas, it could be worse - I could have NO jobs... I'm thankful for being able to gripe about not wanting to go to work... I hope you've had reasons to celebrate this thankful season!


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