Hump Day Blurb - A Remembrance

For now November 7th is my new favorite day - the day the campaigning ended! No matter what your politics, can we not all come together and do the happy dance because it's all over?!
This past Sunday I was officially married for twelve years. I now grasp the concept of time travel. It seems l just like yesterday Daddy was walking me down the isle, my cheeks aflame with the recognition that all the eyes of our modest crowd were on me.

While there are many people who contributed to the wedding in different ways, without Amy-Beth's assistance (Ben's BFF from high school) I wouldn't have had a dress nor would my locale have been decorated appropriately. Amy-Beth and her mother are master seamstresses. They made all of her high school formal dresses, and her own wedding dress. Hers was one of the most beautiful I'd ever seen - gorgeous satin with intricate beading and a full skirt. She and her mother made my wedding dress. It was much simpler. Unfortunately I can't find a pic to upload, nor can I scan a pic from the wedding.

I was fortunate enough to work with a woman whose wedding was planned quickly, much like mine, and recommended her venue, 10 Center Street Bar and Grill in Newburyport, MA. We made an appointment with the events manager. We met with her in the room where the wedding was held and sampled some of the delicious cuisine then had dinner in the bar/grill area. It was superb. No further convincing necessary.

With the venue nailed down, Amy-Beth took me to her florist. Fall was the theme, since I couldn't make Halloween work. (Halloween was on a Tuesday that year and Mummy convinced me that it would be obnoxious for me to expect people to attend a wedding during the work week.) Amy-Beth's florist suggested sugar pumpkins hollowed out and stuffed with fall flowers. My bouquet was six calla lilies with a white satin bow tied around them and a bouquet of fall flowers for my maid of honor - a dear friend from high school.

We lived in Salem at the time, roughly 45 minutes from Newburyport. We made reservations at nearby B&B's for everyone. I got ready in one family member's room. My totally awesome brother bought all the Champagne for getting-the-bride-ready party. Amy-Beth came up before the ceremony to help get me in my dress, my coolest sis did my hair and all there (there were others) had a blast.

Serendipity smiled on me yet again - a lovely colleague of mine's husband was a professional photographer (weddings, proms, etc.) As a way to earn extra cash, I took on the mantle of his assistant for a prom season. Since he was booked the weekend of our wedding, he recommended a colleague of his. She was awesome; an under-the-table a bargain! We just need to get these photos digitized!

After the ceremony it was party time. I'd been in a bit of a panic since we didn't have any professional music player planned. But we brought a few CDs, had some classical music playing whence I traipsed down the isle and the rest is history. Our cadre of friends of family got on so well nobody noticed there was no DJ cajoling them into the "Chicken Dance" or "Electric Slide". And THE FOOD! It was superb! Our filets were buttery smooth, and everyone else raved about their dishes (either salmon or mushroom ravioli). The only appetizer I remember is Boursin-stuffed tomatoes. Since our budget was very limited we had two bottles of wine at each table and a cash bar. Years later I was informed that my brother swooped to the rescue and covered most of the bar tab. Sometimes the greatest gifts are those you don't find out about until later on....

After the ceremony, I changed out of the dress and we met up with some friends at a bar near 10 Center Street and drank some more. (Because, you know, we hadn't imbibed enough). Then Ben drove us to the place on Plum Island we'd reserved for ourselves - which turned out to be a total mistake! The room was on the beach and very drafty. Not the most ideal for an early November night. I was taken in by the "Jacuzzi" in the description, which turned out to be a one person bath tub with Jacuzzi jets in the bathroom. It did come in handy, though. I hopped in it after I sent Ben out for a non-alcoholic drink (because there were none in the room). Since we were on Plum Island it was a forty minute round trip and it was 1:30 a.m. What a good hubby! Good hubby just informed me that upon his return, I didn't want the Sprite he'd sprinted for. What a good, good hubby...

The next morning I was able to put myself together and we met up with everyone back in Newburyport for breakfast. Nothing like a nice greasy breakfast for your hangover!

Thank you for accompanying me on this trip down memory lane! It's been wonderful for me to remember this joyous moment in my life, and I hope you enjoyed it. More importantly, I hope it jiggled loose a happy memory of yours.

I know it's been a while since I've shared a culinary delight with you. Since bed is calling my name with a sweet lullaby right now, I promise to have a Football Sunday, Fitness Tip, AND What's For Dinner in the next posting this week.

Buenos noches!


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