Hump Day Blurb

How's everyone's Hump Day? Half way to the weekend! It's week two of my self-imposed schedule and it's working....for now!
As days go this one was the pits. I glanced at the calendar at one point today and it all made sense. Wednesday. Of course. Throughout my history the worst days I've had have always fallen on Wednesdays. Just something about Hump Day... must be the day the karmic wheel has settled on to unload a little - um - karmic justice for any of my transgressions to keep the universe in balance. Or some such New Age, hippie talk.

The budget-balancing act around here has been as precarious as that of an acrobat's on at tightrope - and it's been stressing me out big time. Being the Irish lass that I am, denial mixed with a smattering of vodka-cranberry is my favorite cocktail. I'll swallow them both, and eventually the vodka-cranberry will leave, but the denial stays and builds. And builds. And builds. Today I popped.

The pin that popped my balloon was when Ben informed me of a bullying incident involving Isaac which our childcare provider heard about from another family on that street (one good thing about a small town - it won't take long to hear about a situation involving your child!). Ben said she wanted to discuss it with me. When I dropped Shiloh off, the story that was relayed infuriated me. Nothing physical happened, but a word was used that any good parent (no matter how many times they've said it themselves) would immediately bark to their progeny, "Don't you ever say that again!" This particular word preceded the word "off". That Irish temper of mine flared (I haven't mentioned I'm Irish yet, have I?) and I declared  "Oh, I know how to kick up a fuss!" She was happy to hear it.

I called the bus company and the school and relayed the story. I was told that the bus drivers can't hear everything all the time (probably true, but that didn't instill any confidence in me that there's any control on that bus; Isaac's never had a problem with the bus that drops him off here) and was asked if anyone had mentioned something to her. I said I was just relaying what I'd heard third-hand. She told me she would speak with the bus driver and said I need to get in touch with the school. I left a message with the office because the Veep was taking attendance and since I was almost to work, I said I'd have to speak this afternoon as I wasn't going to have that discussion there.

I pull in, take one of the abnormally empty spaces available up front and enter. Lovely coworker of mine who is normally chipper is rather subdued. We exchanged a few words and she went upstairs. We normally have a more animated gabfest. I find out later what the deal was. A very diplomatic e-mail from the head of our department pops into my inbox (it was sent to all of us) which details how today's off-site meeting, a duplicate of one from last week, wasn't pulled together as smoothly as the last time. She went into detail about what went wrong (artfully not assigning specific blame, but listing everyone's lapses - we knew what we did; a very well compiled missive). I saw my mistake and was shamed more than I can say. I don't have a hard job. It isn't always busy and these past few days have been slow. There's no excuse for my oversight. Then today, on the phone, I unintentionally jerked around an important exec from the corporate offices who was looking for the head of one of our divisions. (We have two) I didn't see the head return from lunch, and after the third call (and it being an hour after he said he would return) I kept reiterating he wasn't there (instead of just pressing a few buttons to ring his office and confirm I'd missed his return). Well I finally rang his office - he was there and had been for the past hour). I can't remember the last time I felt like such a schlemiel.

I left work and when I got home I had to call Mummy. I haven't spoken with her in months, and now that I feel the pain I've buried, I call for a kiss and a hug? How shameful is that? (I promise to call more often and not just when I crumble!) I also called to see if she could watch Shiloh and Isaac for the week of Christmas so I can work - a shame discount double-whammy! (Get the reference??) If any of you wonderful readers who are football fanatics get the reference, (and since I couldn't provide a link), want to see a hysterical fake Twitter feed between Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Joe Flacco, Phillip Rivers, Drew Brees, Eli Manning, Ben R., Tony Romo... and a few more... e-mail me! You are guaranteed a good guffaw!

It must be said - by me - Mummies are the greatest! Not only is she coming out for the week of Christmas, but because I was so pitiful she said had to come out and see me next week. Thanks Mummy! Oh, I told Isaac guess who's coming for a visit next week? He said, "Gammy Beth and Grandpa Dick?" I said, "I don't know about Grandpa Dick, but definitely Gammy Beth." He said, "Yes!"

After our talk I spoke with Isaac's Vice Principal, who was sufficiently horrified.
There were two incidents (come on now, I'm not one to freak out unnecessarily!) and yesterday's was the second. I had the name of the miscreant from last week, but not this week. The Veep said without a name there wasn't much she could do. After asking if she had a roster for the kids on the bus, she said "Absolutely!"

Fast forward to Isaac getting off at out house. I asked him about the incident. He said he was called another (unacceptable) however much more age-appropriate name. I call the Veep back to let her know. She'd already figured out who the boy was and was planning a talk with him. Whew!! Didn't want to be the progenitor of "A Christmas Story"-esque kerfuffle! I also offered Isaac the option of me picking him up and taking him to our childcare provider's. His response, "I'll take the bus. I can handle it." My little man.

As exhaustion sets in I gaze around my kitchen and behold the mess from dinner I need to clean, and find I'm not that bothered - because I made time to do this instead. One thing I've started realizing more and more is that the mess, the pile of clean laundry to be folded - the whatever - will be waiting for me later. Since I'm not one to let those things longer than an overnight, I'm happy with my choice.


Lucky you, I have two tips today!

I was perusing pictures I wanted to use for this segment and saw some great shots of hot bods. But I'm feeling fat and frumpy because I've done like most do when super-stressed - eat more. I'm not eating gads and gads of food, but when I took a bite of that apple cake with mascarpone-cinnamon icing, I literally felt the seratonin excrete from my brain and melt along their nerves. Dangerous. Need to break this cycle - I can't afford to buy myself new fat clothes (one good thing about being poh!)

Since I'm covering elements from the food and exercise spectrum, these photos covered them perfectly. 

Tip 1: Strength training is crucial. This is one of a million articles you can read on the subject, and I'm going to regale you with my personal experience. I've been strength training regularly, more specifically, circuit training. This is combining strength and cardio training into one workout. Using this method you are sure to cover your bases every time. JM's 30 minute workouts are circuits and now that I'm back to working forty hours a week, I can still find 30 minutes a day (that's different that actually USING those 30 minutes!) to do a workout. I still workout, but am maintaining, not losing. Since I'm not happy I still need cut those calories. To sum up, strength and cardio combined with my not-calorie-cutting is preventing me from exploding to the size of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. It's the muscle that gives you the definition and the lean look. If you just do cardio, you burn fat but have nothing to reveal once that fat is gone. The muscle needs to be shaped and toned. And the combination of both kick up your metabolism. The more muscle you have, the more fat you burn!

Tip 2: Look up recipes and make grocery lists! Buy fresh ingredients, not junk! Cooking is not hard and you grt more for your dollar buying fresh. There are a plethora of simple, delicious recipes at, among others: (; These website have tons of 30 minute meals. Even a novice in the kitchen can begin their culinary adventure here. Hey, if the people I feed are amazed by what I reproduce - then ANYONE can cook! The best part about buying fresh ingredients happened last week. When we were scraping the bottom of the cupboard before payday, I could still whip up the zucchini-rice-casserole because I'd spent my money on ingredients not prepackaged food. There were a few other meals I made also, but again, because I spent my money wisely. And now that I'm always on the prowl for the best deal I scour the supermarket ads that land in my mailbox for what's on sale where - and I know which store have the best prices on what items I buy regularly.

Peruse my blog for tips on what to buy, or e-mail me and - "Be well, Lenina Huxley."


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