Hump Day Blurb

Greetings wonderful musers! This is how I've decided to refer to you, as opposed to "dear readers" or followers. Hope you like it!

I'm still swimming along. I got some great feedback on the Just Keep Swimming - The List and that tickled me. Thanks to those of you who commented - it helps clear the waters through which I'm swimming!

Glad I checked my FB for MM before starting the Hump Day Blurb. One of you actually asked for some advice! Of course the advice that was asked of me is something I'm going to have to dig deep for an answer I'll be happy with. But the most treasured of gems are the ones that have to be dug deep for, are they not?

How's everyone's week going? I know via FB updates that my BSB's (Best Shopping Bud) dreamy Hawaiian honeymoon with her lovely wife is all you could expect from a dreamy Hawaiian honeymoon and I'm so happy for the both of them - and my eyes couldn't be greener!

The end of my second job last night was a downer... my register was $14 short. The manager who double checked it couldn't find an error in the math anywhere. Like a dryer sheet stuck to freshly dried pants, I'm clinging to the hope that the day person who does the books finds something in the overall information of the day to find the error. There was a dumb-dumb incident on my part that occurred when I was ringing up a humorless lady's bottle-deposit receipts that messed with the drawer, but the manager fixed that. I count back change slowly and am meticulous at double checking the screen to make sure I give the correct amount. Maybe my mild dyslexia kicked in and I transposed some digits while writing the checks on the check log. ANYTHING to catch it and I didn't short the drawer $14! ARRRGGGHHH!

This week at the day job has been pretty busy. MANY, MANY lunches to be ordered for next week. Important visits tomorrow and Friday - the client is so important that Hawaiian Shirt Day is cancelled for the week.

I'm also drafting a short story for a YA writing contest. It's coming together. I've found that putting in the effort to writing on a regular basis has helped the writing juices get-a-flowing. So many thanks to you readers (excuse me - musers) for motivating me! The same e-mail about the contest was also e-mailed to my honeymooning BSB and she actually found time to forward it to me because it made her think of me! I'm going to take that as a good sign....

The advice asked of me was that of motivation! How do you keep going if you have no REAL reason? This brought to mind a couple of motivational things that Jillian espoused in her Body Revolution program: "You can get through any HOW if you have a WHY." and "You CAN achieve what you believe. You MUST buy into this."

The trick is finding the why and taking the appropriate steps to achieve it."I want to look great naked" is the most typical "why" when people try to get in shape. But there are millions! Unfortunately I can't give the muser their why. Everyone needs to find their why for themselves. What I can do is give them the ability to grab their why in a big bear hug and not want to let it go.

A most common reason for loss of interest in working out is biting off more than one can chew. This muser bought the P90X system. We all know what this is, yes? This muser said they are an occasional exerciser, and for the occasional exerciser this might not be the best choice to start a work-out regimen. This would be a wise investment to make after setting and sticking to a schedule of working out, you've achieved certain fitness goals, or reached a plateau and need a boost - but to begin with such an extreme program can be counter-intuitive. Being unable to finish a workout because it's too tough can be discouraging. But there is nothing like the endorphin rush and personal sense of accomplishment that comes from nearly collapsing, panting, in a pool of your own sweat after successfully completing a tough workout. 

One needs to gauge their fitness level. Now I've mentioned before, but is a Mecca of fitness DVDs. They are tested and thoroughly described by fitness professionals, marked according to category (Aerobic, Muscle Toning, Muscle Toning/Aerobic) and categorized also by level of exercising proficiency (Beginner, Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced, Advanced). Besides being able to watch clips of videos before buying them, you get a thirty day trial! You don't like it, send it on back for a full refund.

One other common gremlin that steals our motivation is time. Your time is a precious commodity and you need to make the most of it! I read lots of health and fitness articles and blogs, and lots of studies are showing that shorter, high-intensity workouts get you results faster and are better for you. My fitness hero's workouts (with the exception of one DVD I have) aren't longer than thirty-five minutes and even her beginner levels are tough. 

I understand Jillian Michaels isn't everyone's cup of tea, and this is how I'll conclude this week's Fitness Tip segment. One needs to find the right person that gives them the kick-in-the-ass, the assurance or reassurance, to be their go-go cheerleader! Figure out what type of boost you need. For me, I need to be taunted, informed and dared throughout my workout. Then during the cool down get a round of applause for being such a bad ass. Others run for the hills screaming from this type of motivation. Find someone you like, who will push you along - and even make you smile when your legs start shaking after fifteen seconds of holding a low squat, after having just completed thirty seconds of weight jumping lunges, and you still have fifteen seconds left to hold. When you're done, and collapse into that pool of sweat, stretching your warm muscles and reveling in the blissful endorphin glow, I guarantee you'll be back for more the next day!


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