Just Keep Swimming - The List

I love that an adorable fish who speaks whale, with short-term memory loss came up with the best phrase to repeat to yourself when you feel as though you're drowning.

A week begins anew. And even though the Pats' dismal performance wasn't the most auspicious start, I'm not going treat the loss as a foreboding harbinger of ghoulish monsters looking to extract the last of my relatively sunny disposition, and replace it with dark pessimism.


When one is feeling encumbered by metaphorical ghouls, one needs to muster their internal "Scooby Gang" to cheer them on. As of late my Scooby Gang has been cataloging any positive event on mental flash cards and whipping them out whence my blues start bubbling up. I'm going to list, in no particular order, some of those flash cards.

  • It's my favorite month of my favorite time of the year
  • I heard the universe and snagged a second job at a great store that usually requires one to have an inside connection in order to get hired
  • I love to make lists
  • My children are adorable (which works in their favor when their behavior isn't!)
  • Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert make the news palatable
  • I have my ultimate dream kitchen
  • I have the coolest and most wonderful friends and family
  • My day job is awesome and the company is a paragon amongst corporations - the majority of other companies should take notes
  • At work Saturday, a customer told me that their day was made infinitely better by beholding my glorious visage (I'm paraphrasing here).
  • Ben is an encyclopedia and can fix pretty much anything
  • I have you wonderful readers
  • November 7th is so close I can taste it!
  • I twitched my nose and the jigundous pile of laundry folded itself
  • I redeemed myself at work on Friday by doing my job, and was thanked heartily by those I helped
  • People like to eat the food I make
  • And, most importantly, I'm going to win the Publisher's Clearing House $5,000/week for life sweepstakes - the notice I got from them today confirms that my number has been selected to go on the list of numbers that will be selected! How lucky am I?!
What tips do you have to keep the demons of depression at bay? 


So I've teased your taste buds for two days; now (queue choir of "Laaaaaaaaaa") I shall reveal the recipe du jour - Chili Cornbread Casserole! We did establish two of several items found on a football menu, but is there a more traditional complement to football than chili? I think not! This casserole is a taste bud cha-cha! I made a couple of tweaks to this. I didn't have enough cornmeal on hand to make the cornbread from scratch so I had to use the lone box of Jiffy corn muffin mix in my baking lazy suzan. I'll make the cornbread from scratch the next time, 'cause that's just how I roll, but if you prefer the Jiffy box way - use two. (Ben thinks the single box is enough...Since the layer is thick, he may be right. But it didn't cover the entire top - so maybe make two boxes & spread 1/4 of the second to cover the casserole then make muffins with the rest). I added one chipotle chile to the one box and wish I had used two. I also used one cup of shredded cheddar to the muffin mixture - so use one+, and up chipotles - if you like the smokey kick as much as me. Instead of ground beef I used ground turkey and if you want to go veggie get yourself some of these and your meal will be free of death! I also used smoked paprika not sweet. LOVE the smoked stuff!


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