Seeing Red
So musers, this little fishy read something that made her so hopping mad she's not going to do her yoga before her second job in order to get this out! (I'm done referring to myself in the third person now) 

Be forewarned, if you're sick of politics (like I am, but this is how mad what I read made me!) or right-leaning you may want to stop reading. Normally I avoid political rants like the plague because of divergent viewpoints and powerful feelings and where I’m going here is double trouble because it has to do with women’s reproductive rights. But with these scary-crazy-Neolithic Republicans popping out everywhere, like that horrific cluster of zits that appears just before you need your picture taken, I felt the need to vent.

This past week yet another forward thinker with a direct line to God informed us heathens that it's part of God's plan for a woman to get pregnant after being raped. Because this is so, she shouldn't have the option to terminate the pregnancy. This in an of itself irritated me, but I was able to brush it aside as "The nonsensical ravings of a lunatic mind."

However this article, by William Saletan of Slate, which I HIGHLY recommend you read, opened my eyes to the scary reality: The likes of Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock aren’t fringe outliers. The most disturbing part of this article for me was when Rick Berg from North Dakota (who wouldn’t allow abortion in any case including rape) said, “Those are things that need to be worked out through the legislative process.” when he was asked if a woman should be thrown in jail if she aborted the last bit of physical evidence left by her rapist. The temerity! The hubris! There are no adjectives strong enough to properly convey my disgust with these men.

The most hypocritical and annoying thing these sanctimonious creeps proclaim is, “Oh we need to protect the sanctity of life.” What about the life of the woman?!! What about the physical and emotional scars that she will need to recuperate from?! What about the monetary costs that will be thrust upon her to finish the pregnancy? Are all you “legislators” going to legislate a fund for these women, whose lives you deemed less important than the potential one growing inside her, so they won’t go broke incubating and giving birth?  

These cave men are not at all interested in the sanctity of life. They are interested in the sanctity of their sanctimony! They think that their moral compass is so much more accurate because they blindly follow texts written thousands of years ago, when in actuality their moral compass is so out of whack because they wash their hands of personal responsibility because of their holy books.

Mitt Romney stands behind these cretonnes! Since he can’t stick to one position for any longer than the amount of time it takes for him to turn around to speak to the next person, he may very well not feel the same way as Akin, Mourdock and the rest of their ilk. But shame on him for being such a scummy, power-hungry chameleon that he’ll back anyone so he can sit in the White House. He doesn’t have our interests at heart – he has his own interests! He’ll say anything to get what he wants, no matter what his own positions might be.

After that I needed something pretty to gaze upon and thought you might too!



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