Halloween Hump Day Blurb


Happy Halloween (or Samhain to my Wiccan friends)!

We just got back from a family trick-or-treat outing. It was most enjoyable. Ben nearly had to drag me, kicking and screaming. The original plan was for Ben to take Isaac after he got home from work. And we all know how I like to have my plans messed with...

After work I made sauce, cleaned up, picked up Shiloh and then made meatballs for dinner. Isaac and  Shiloh ate then Isaac put on his costume.

I was getting Shiloh ready for bed in her room when Ben came in:

Ben:"I don't supposed you'd be interested in bringing Shiloh and all of us going?"

Me: "Um, no."

I was all set to sit home and enjoy the peace and quiet after Shiloh had gone to bed.

Ben: "Are you sure? I mean we really don't do that much together as a family."

Hmmmm. He must be taking guilt lessons from Mummy on the sly... I wasn't fully convinced but my barriers were weakened.

Me: "We don't have her ladybug costume anymore..."

Ben opened her drawers (it wasn't in there - I did that earlier). But he snagged the little froo-froo dress I'd pulled out earlier this morning. Black poly-stretch bodice with a white ballet-esque skirt with sparklies. It reminded me of my first "formal". And I remembered the cute little pink shirt with some Disney princess on it Mummy brought for Shiloh when they visited. Shiloh the Princess! Of course.

So I told my grumpy old lady to take a hike, we packed the kiddos into the Jeep and tooled on down the road. Our street, while rural, is a main drag with no sidewalk and people don't pay attention to the speed limit. Not really trick-or-treating friendly. A mile or two from our house are a couple of developments off our street. We pulled up and parked amongst the many, many other vehicles already there.

The street was crowded and plenty of houses were decked out. At each house Isaac was off as though he were shot out of a cannon. After about three houses Shiloh got the hang of saying, "Chok-o-chips?" and "Tank-oo!" It was a wonderful time. Until we got back in the Jeep and Shiloh went into convulsions while shrieking at the top of her lungs as Ben tried to anchor her into her car seat. "Ear-Splitting Melody" was Shiloh's chosen song for the five-minute jaunt home.

We pulled in and our neighbor, who was disappointed because no trick-or-treaters visited was happy to give Isaac candy. I brought the scream machine inside and gave her some water, which she gulped down with abandon. Then I was able to snap the pics above then I put her to bed.

Next year we'll get Shiloh an actual costume, and I just might get one for myself as well. We'll see. I'd have to think of something truly original.

How was your evening? Did you travel with your kids or answer the door?

Well musers, my bed is calling me! Hope you've had a great Halloween and want to hear all about it!


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